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Sugar Episode 8 Review: What Happened In The Finale?

Sugar Episode 8 Review

Apple TV+’s mystery drama show Sugar has finally come to its conclusion. Headlined by Colin Farrell, the series focuses on the titular John Sugar who is looking into the case of a missing girl in Los Angeles.

Her family members, the Siegels, seem shady and appear to be hiding something from him. So let us take a look into the finale as it offers anything and we will try to decipher if the ending was satisfactory or not.

Sugar Episode 8 Review
Credits: Film Fugitive

Shifting Genres and A Missing Girl

The final episode of Sugar was aptly called Farewell and it dropped on May 17th, 2024. The episode gave the viewers a closure on different character arcs as well as subplots. At the same time, the makers also threw new things and possibilities in front of the viewers.

We see that Olivia Siegel is alive and safe. Sugar rescues her and takes her to the apartment of Melanie. While the main issue is resolved, there are still some questions that have not been answered.

Shifting Genres and A Missing Girl
Credit: Apple TV+

During the rescue, he also found a CD that had recordings of the crimes of Ryan Pavitch. The prior season had shown that Sugar was shifting its genre from mystery to science fiction. The finale doubles down on that and we see Ruby packing her things since she and Sugar are aliens and they will be leaving Earth. While it’s interesting to watch, this dilutes the drama and the tension is dowsed despite it happening in the final episode.

A shock comes as information that Henry has kidnapped Jen, who is the sister of Sugar. It is not clear if she is alive or on earth. It also implies that her disappearance led him to become a detective.

This subplot is intriguing but feels like a next season-bait just to have it in the next season. Meanwhile, another revelation happens about the actual father of Olivia which doesn’t shock anyone since the Siegel family has been shady from the first scene.

The last scene of this episode goes fully into the science fiction zone as a hole appears in the sky and engulfs a spaceship while Sugar is shown driving toward the point of evacuation.

Characters and Other Elements

The final episode of Sugar offers some satisfying arcs including the Siegels who had secrets and it’s revealed towards the end. They remain shady and bad throughout the season. This leaves no space for true character development.

Sugar remains an interesting character throughout the show and it’s splendidly written with beautiful highs as well as emotional lows. Despite the revelation that he is an alien, it is hard to lose interest in him because of his charm.

Characters and Other Elements
Credits: TV Fanatic

The writing of the episode dips in the middle when the actual revelation and Olivia’s rescue happen. A feeling seeps in that the finale is dragging for some reason. The question regarding the real kidnapper of Olivia continues to linger and it generates some interest. But just like the above-mentioned subplot, this one also seems like a sequel bait and is unresolved just for the sake of.

However, the finale remains a consistently engaging episode and it has enough elements to like. An important thing is the tone which doesn’t change throughout. We also see Sugar talking to Melania and it becomes a bit of an emotional scene.

There are also some really well-written dialogues in the finale which teach us to be kind and compassionate. It’s weird that such things are told to humans by someone who is actually an alien. The makers use these dynamics to talk about serious stuff.

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Sugar remains a crisp show with really engaging and concise episodes. The finale doesn’t do justice to its title as it’s not a farewell. This is because we are left with some questions, especially related to the sister of Sugar. The final episode is not overtry dramatic or doesn’t move at a speed that can break necks.

But it remains consistent with the pace of the show and delivers some strong revelations that are strongly conclusive. They are also very entertaining as the mystery elements continue to be present and get mixed with science fiction which is an engaging genre in itself.

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