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Super Rich in Korea Review: Dazzling Bling, Lavish Cars, and Bejewelled Clothes

Super Rich in Korea Review

The much-anticipated Korean reality series, Super Rich in Korea, has officially landed on Netflix with six episodes, just under 30 minutes. This series is all about the bling and stays true to its title as it takes the viewers into a deep dive into some of the richest people in Korea who live a lifestyle one can simply dream of. Truly, Super Rich in Korea might make you jealous, so you must stay prepared for that.

Super Rich in Korea is an interesting, breezy, and fun reality series, and if you have some free time, or want to multitask, it can play in the background. However, when it comes to being substantial and having a purpose of some kind, This Korean series felt a little flat because there is nothing more to it other than the bling. But, keep reading this review to decide whether you want to stream Super Rich in Korea, or skip it!

It’s All Bling in Super Rich in Korea

Super Rich in Korea is one of a kind because so far, there haven’t been many series that focus on the richest of the rich in one particular country. However, this latest series does exactly that, and often, nothing more.

The first couple of episodes are more introductory, where the different rich people of Korea are introduced. Frankly, in this case, rich feels like an understatement because their wealth knows no bounds, and you will get to see some of that in the series.

Super Rich in Korea stars Yoo Hee-ra, a young influencer and client ambassador, and one of the most shocking things about her was her wardrobe. You could possibly fit an entire NYC apartment in there, that’s just how big it was.

The others who were also a part of Super Rich in Korea were David Yong, Teodoro Marani, Noor Naim, and Anna Kim. This luxury series gave a glimpse into their lifestyle, a little bit about their entire brand, and more importantly, their personalities after being this rich.

It's All Bling in Super Rich in Korea
Credit: Netflix

If we had to describe Super Rich in Korea in one word, it would be amusing. Looking at some of the richest people in Korea and how they lived was fun, but again, there wasn’t much to it other than that. However, the series did fulfill its purpose. The main aim was to showcase some of these larger-than-life moments that someone who belongs to a regular household in Korea or anywhere in the world can’t even dream of.

Super Rich in Korea Review: Dazzling Bling, Lavish Cars, and Bejewelled Clothes
Credit: Netflix

However, Super Rich in Korea was a background show. It isn’t a show one would turn on and have their eyes glued to the screen for the whole time, even though you can’t turn away from the bling sometimes. One of the best parts about Super Rich in Korea was the hosts, aka Mimi, Cho Saeho, and BamBam. Despite being well-known, these hosts felt more grounded than ever, and their shock towards the richest people in Korea was extremely relatable.

Mimi, Cho Saeho, and BamBam
Credit: YouTube/Netflix


Super Rich in Korea isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but if you like a life of luxury, or at least looking at it, then this Netflix series would be right up your alley. Do let us know in the comments what you think about Super Rich in Korea!