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The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2 Review: Netflix Drops a Plodding Fantasy K-Drama

The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2 Review

The first two episodes of The Atypical Family have officially landed on Netflix, and so far, the series appears to be subpar, with a few interesting moments and themes sprinkled across the two episodes. Of course, several episodes are still yet to be released, and while we wait for those, let’s take a look at The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2!

K-dramas truly come in all shapes and sizes, and The Atypical Family has managed to stand out compared to the usual romantic subgenre that has taken over K-drama in the last few years.

The Atypical Family tells the story of a unique family that loses their superpowers after the son goes through severe depression following the loss of his wife. In this review, we will discuss more about The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2, and hopefully, it will help you decide whether you want to stream it or skip it!

An Intriguing Blend of Romance, Comedy, Fantasy and…Alcoholism

The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2 establish that the series revolves around the Bok family and each of the members is facing their own problems. Still, collectively, they all appear to be mourning the loss of their superpowers.

The matriarch of the family is extremely despondent as she stands at the edge of a cliff in the series’s pilot episode. She recommends everyone do the same, but hardly anyone listens to her, especially the main protagonist, Bok Gwi-ju, who has mostly been drinking alcohol in the first two episodes.

An Intriguing Blend of Romance, Comedy, Fantasy and...Alcoholism
Credit: Netflix

Gwi-ju and his depression appear to be the reason the entire Bok family is struggling with their powers, and while Bok Man-heum, aka the matriarch of the family, can’t help but criticize Gwi-ju and her family, Gwi-ju takes the plunge and is seen drowning in the ocean. However, lucky for him, his daughter, and the rest of his family, he is saved by the second protagonist of The Atypical Family, Do Da-hae.

The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2 showcase the different members of the Bok family and their daily lives, but the focus remains on Da-hae and Gwi-ju, with Da-hae having taken a special interest in the family, and especially Gwi-ju, whom she saved, and then proceeded to warm up to his family and his daughter. Of course, Man-heum is enamored by Da-hae, which means she will be sticking around for a while.

The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2 Review
Credit: Netflix

The Atypical Family on Netflix, so far, is the kind of series that appears to have too much going and nothing at all at the same time. While there were some interesting moments in the first two episodes, it simply wasn’t captivating enough, not yet at least.

However, the premise and the characters, with a few twists scattered around showcase a lot of promise, and that’s something to look forward to in the next set of episodes of The Atypical Family.


If you are a big fan of K-dramas, Netflix is the place to be in 2024 with plenty of titles releasing every month. Do let us know in the comments what you think of The Atypical Family Episodes 1 & 2 so far, and keep a lookout on our website for reviews of the next set of episodes!