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The Atypical Family Episode 12 Review: Does Bok Gwi-ju Survive?

The Atypical Family Episode 12 Review

The Atypical Family has now officially come to an end with all 12 episodes streaming on Netflix, and the series finale is definitely worth a watch. Viewers have likely been on the edge of their seats as the narrative progressed to find out the answer to the biggest question – Does Bok Gwi-ju live? Well, the answer to this question isn’t as simple as one would have guessed.

In this review, we will talk a little more about The Atypical Family Episode 12, aka the series finale, which has all the answers one needs. If you have watched the entire series, go ahead and check out our review, and if not, we must warn you that there will be some spoilers ahead, so you might want to bookmark this review and revisit it after you have watched the series!

Bok Gwi-ju and Do Da-hae’s Ending

The Atypical Family Episode 12, much like the rest of the series, focuses on the Bok family and Do Da-hae, who has been the center of the plot so far. This family is unique in many ways but the one element that sets them apart from the crowd is their superpowers.

While these superpowers are interesting and sometimes helpful, we have seen that they have caused more pain to the Bok family than anything else.

Bok Gwi-ju and Do Da-hae's Ending
Credit: Netflix

One must be warned that The Atypical Family Episode 12 is intense and emotional, and you will definitely find yourself reaching for a box of tissues because this isn’t for the faint-hearted. The previous episode of the K-drama proved that Bok Gwi-ju is far from invincible and can get hurt when he revisits the past, which further aligns with the fate witnessed by Mrs. Bok in her dreams, which have haunted the family.

We won’t spoil the entire series finale in this review, but as far as this episode goes, it has equal amounts of tear-jerker moments, mixed with some heartfelt romance, a little bit of action, and a climax like never before.

All elements of this episode have led to the fire, the same fire which would lead to the death of Gwi-ju while he tries to save the love of his life, Da-hae. And sadly, that is exactly what happens.

The Atypical Family Episode 12 Review
Credit: Netflix

However, there’s an interesting and unexpected twist in the tale, and Da-hae and Gwi-ju might have been granted their happily ever after, all thanks to their son. There is a small time jump in The Atypical Family Episode 12, one that shows Da-hae and her son living with the Bok family, when her son showcases his new superpower – bringing things back from the past.

Of course, this could hint at her son also bringing back his father, and that’s exactly how the series finale comes to an end. It is unsure if Gwi-ju’s death is reversed or if he’s back for good, but The Atypical Family leaves that for the viewers to decide as they reunite Gwi-ju and Da-hae one last time.

The Atypical Family Episode 12
Credit: Netflix

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The Atypical Family series finale shouldn’t be missed out on as it checks all the boxes for a successful ending. Make sure you also check out our reviews of the previous episodes and let us know in the comments about your favorite moment from this series.

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