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The Big Cigar Episode 4 Review: Huey P. Newton’s Journey Continues

The Big Cigar Episode 4 Review

The Big Cigar Episode 4 has now landed on Apple TV+ and there are several moments where this series doesn’t feel like a biographical drama, and instead a heavily dramatized version of some events, but that might just be what the series was aiming for. Nevertheless, there’s plenty to unpack in the latest episode of The Big Cigar!

If you have been watching The Big Cigar since its release earlier this month, then chances are that you aren’t too eager to wait every week for Apple TV+ to roll out an episode. While this series has its gripping moments scattered around, on the whole, it hasn’t been as riveting as its opening credit sequence is. As we review the latest episode, make sure you tread lightly because there will be some spoilers ahead!

P.J Byrne as Stephen Blauner is the Cherry on Top!

As we mentioned earlier, there’s plenty to unpack when it comes to The Big Cigar Episode 4, but one thing is certain, no matter how good or bad the episode was, the one person who deserves plenty of credit for elevating the series is P.J Byrne, who plays the role of Stephen Blauner. Of course, he has been around in the previous episodes, but his performance in the latest episode was truly impeccable.

If you haven’t watched The Big Cigar yet, we highly recommend doing so for Byrne’s performance. The latest episode picks up from the shooting that was only heard in the previous episode. The opening scene of The Big Cigar Episode 4 was chaotic, filled with gunmen who were shooting at each other with Bert Schneider and Stephen Blauner present at the scene.

There was a lot of blood, but thankfully these two characters remained unharmed, although Blauner was extremely shaken up by the whole ordeal.

P.J Byrne as Stephen Blauner is the Cherry on Top!
Credit: Apple TV+

It is revealed in the episode that it was Tajo who was killed during this scene by Black Panther members, some of which was hinted at in the previous episode. Blauner’s trauma after the shootout is one of the more real moments of the series, and that certainly isn’t the last we see of him in this episode, which worked in favor of The Big Cigar.

The rest of the episode continues to focus on Bert and Stephen’s plan to help Huey P. Newton reach Cuba, unharmed and far away from the FBI, who are on The Black Panther party’s trail, especially after the shootout.

The plan now shifts as the men decide to drive to Mexico, which seems less dangerous compared to Huey flying out, but of course, there are more obstacles than one would have expected, but they are successful, however, their journey is still incomplete.

The Big Cigar Episode 4 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

The Big Cigar Episode 4 had more substance than the previous episodes, so it will be interesting to see how the series progresses in the following episodes. Despite this being a stronger episode than the rest, the series still hasn’t been able to catch our attention like the others streaming on Apple TV+, but there’s still time!


We would love to know in the comments what you thought about Huey P. Newton’s journey so far, and make sure you also keep a lookout for our review of the next episode!

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