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The Big Cigar Episode 5 Review: Tensions and Tragedies Rise for Huey P. Newton

The Big Cigar Episode 5

Huey P. Newton’s journey continues in The Big Cigar Episode 5 after he is assisted by Stephen Blaunder in the previous episode, and manages his escape from the United States of America to Mexico, but of course, there is still a long way to go. Apple TV+‘s biographical drama, The Big Cigar, doesn’t hold back when it comes to showcasing the tragedies and hurdles faced by Newton, but is it nearly enough to make this series a success?

As we reach Episode 5 of The Big Cigar, more than half the series has come to a conclusion, which only means that things have to get more interesting from this point on, otherwise, the series might not fare too well amongst the viewers. In this review, we will talk a little more about The Big Cigar Episode 5 and some of its key elements.

What’s Next for Huey. P Newton and Stephen Blauner?

The Big Cigar Episode 5 begins with Huey P. Newton, his partner Gwen, who also accompanied him in this exile, and Stephen Blauner making their way to Mexico, where they make a stop at Puerto Vallarta, a small city in Mexico, much to Huey’s dismay. The last Huey wanted to do was put a pause on the journey to his final stop, Cuba.

What's Next for Huey. P Newton and Stephen Blauner?
Credit: Apple TV+

Gwen and Huey are staying in a small house in Puerto Vallarta for the time being, and although there are a few pleasant moments of the couple scattered around a few scenes, ultimately there’s tension and paranoia, which all comes from Huey, as he isn’t convinced about his safety from the FBI or the local authorities.

Huey is doing far from okay during this pit stop, which according to Blauner should only be a couple of weeks, but for Huey, that feels like an eternity as his discomfort and paranoia grow with every passing minute, making it difficult for Gwen too. There are also plenty of flashbacks in The Big Cigar Episode 5, which showcase a calmer time for Huey around his friend, Bert Schneider.

The Big Cigar Episode 5
Credit: Apple TV+

Speaking of Bert, while Huey and Stephen are in Mexico, Bert is left behind, wallowing in dismay when he is visited by the FBI, who question and threaten him, at this moment Burt understands the FBI is familiar with Huey’s location, but it will be next to impossible for Bert to save his friend this time around.


While The Big Cigar Episode 5 was good overall, it did have its flaws, despite which it helped move the narrative forward and the ending of the episode was one to remember. Make sure you keep a lookout for our review of the next episode, as we continue to follow Huey. P Newton on his journey!

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