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Perfect Match Season 2 Review: Drama, Tears, and a Whole Lot of Romance

Perfect Match Season 2 Review

The first six episodes of Perfect Match Season 2 are now officially streaming on Netflix, and if you are a big fan of reality series, then this show is your perfect match! As a series, Perfect Match feels like a high school reunion where people from different grades and classes all come together for something big. In this case, there are alums from shows like Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, The Mole, and The Trust: A Game of Greed amongst several others.

You don’t need to know about all the reality shows to be able to enjoy Perfect Match Season 2, but the more you know, the more you are familiar with the new cast as they all hail from reality shows. This also means that they are prone to drama and tears, which are plentiful in this latest season.

In our reviews, we will talk a lot more about Perfect Match Season 2, and you can decide whether you want to stream it or skip it.

Who Will Become the Perfect Match?

Perfect Match Season 2, much like its previous season, will be hosted by Nick Lachey (Love is Blind) and revolves around the concept of people falling in love and finding their perfect match. But of course, the path to love isn’t straightforward, especially not in this reality series. However, we must admit, that Lachey continues to do a fantastic job in helping people find their person, despite his limited airtime on the series.

Who Will Become the Perfect Match?
Credit: Netflix

As for the contestants, in the span of 6 episodes, viewers will have to keep up with several contestants, some popular and some who are lesser known, but are bound to have a large fan following by the end of Perfect Match Season 2.

In each episode, new contestants come in, and those who don’t have a perfect match are eliminated from the show, it really is a matter of urgency some times.

Perfect Match Season 2 Review
Credit: Netflix

While the concept and flow of the series are quite exciting, there were moments that felt a little too overwhelming, because some contestants truly didn’t get the time they deserved on the series, and were sent back home too soon because of the lack of a perfect match.

Other than this flaw, which was inevitable and expected, Perfect Match Season 2 does a phenomenal job of keeping the viewers entertained in every single episode.

 Perfect Match Season 2 Episodes
Credit: Netflix

The competition is high, there are tears flowing, and of course, there’s plenty or drama and dilemma in this season, but possibly a little less compared to the previous season. The first six episodes have helped establish a few couples, and it will be interesting to see if they stick around, because things can change in a matter of seconds in this reality series.

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Perfect Match Season 2 isn’t heading towards an Emmy award next season, but it surely does a great job being the perfect background show as people finish their tasks. Make sure you keep up with our reviews of the following episodes, because the plot is about to thicken!

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