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The Cleaning Lady Season 4: Is It Happening? Everything We Know

The Cleaning Lady Season 4

The Cleaning Lady is the gripping tale of a mother desperately doing anything for her son’s safety. The series deals with the crime drama genre and has been a major success on television. Since its debut in January 2022, it has been making waves with its content.

The third season is nearing its conclusion and fans are curious about The Cleaning Lady Season 4. Viewers are looking if the makers have commissioned it or not. We will be unveiling the details of this much-asked query so read on.

The Cleaning Lady Season 4
Credits: Fox

What Is The Cleaning Lady All About?

The Cleaning Lady is created by Miranda Kwok who is also its showrunner with Melissa Carter and Jeannine Renshaw. It is a remake of La chica que limpia which is an Argentinian series that ran in 2017. The series tells the story of a surgeon named Thony De La Rosa (played by Élodie Yung) who lives in Manila and has Filipino and Cambodian roots.

She takes her son Luca to Las Vegas for his treatment but ends up working for a gangster named Arman Morales (played by Adan Canto) after witnessing a murder. She ends up working for his organization as a doctor and a cleaner.

The first season started on January 3, 2022, while the third one premiered on March 5th, 2024. The final episode is called House of Cards and it was penned by Miranda Kwok. It showcases Ramona Sanchez (played by Kate del Castillo) trying to get Thony De La Rosa (played by Élodie Yung) into her side to get her to supervise her work.

Fiona (Martha Millan) is also working with Thony to extend a helping hand to Nadia. Ramona is in trouble as the FBI is circling around her. The Sin Cara gives out a strong warning to everyone.

Is The Cleaning Lady Season 4 Happening?

Fox has given a go-ahead for The Cleaning Lady Season 4 even before the third season concluded. The credit goes to the sleeper success of this series and the strong viewership all the seasons have enjoyed. The quality of this show is a rarity on cable television hence Fox is trying to retain it as viewers are invested in all the characters.

Is The Cleaning Lady Season 4 Happening?
Credits: Collider

What To Expect From It?

There is a shocker for fans as Miranda Kwok will not continue as the creator of the show. She has parted ways with it as she wants to work on other things. Its effect will be visible only in the future as Fox has greenlit The Cleaning Lady Season 4 with 12 episodes. A new showrunner will be taking over in the next season.

We can only speculate on the plot of The Cleaning Lady Season 4 since the season has not concluded. But we can conjecture a few things by looking at the synopsis. Thony will be drawn into the world of Ramona as the latter shows her days are numbered since the FBI is circling around her.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

The Cleaning Lady Season 4 will retain the main cast of the show including Élodie Yung portraying Thony De La Rosa. Others who might return are Martha Millan (Fiona De La Rosa), Sebastien LaSalle (Luca De La Rosa), Sean Lew (Chris), and Faith Bryant (Jaz). Some new actors might also join the next season since new characters can be introduced.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Screen Rant

We don’t know when The Cleaning Lady Season 4 will release but we can make a guess. The first and the second seasons dropped in 2022 while the third one was released in 2024 because of the delay caused by the Hollywood Strike. Since there is no strike this time, we can expect the fourth season to drop sometime in 2025.


The Cleaning Lady has been a major success on streaming platforms for Fox. It has surpassed its source material in terms of popularity and hence Fox has ordered The Cleaning Lady Season 4. Viewers are enjoying the story of Thony as she navigates tough situations while trying to make sure her family is safe. We can expect more action, crime, shootouts, and drama in the next season. So fans just need to wait.

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