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The Equalizer Season 5: Is It Renewed? Everything We Know

The Equalizer Season 5

The Equalizer is developed by Terri Edda Miller and Andrew W. Marlowe and works as a reboot of the eponymous TV series from the 1980s which also inspired a film series. It is headlined by Queen Latifah and follows a former CIA agent turned vigilante. The series started in February 2021 and became a success. It was followed by three more seasons that were equally successful in their regards.

The Equalizer Season 5
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Recently, the fourth season concluded with its final episode. This has raised queries around The Equalizer Season 5 as fans are curious about it. Fans want to know when it will happen.

How Did The Equalizer Season 4 End?

The final episode of The Equalizer Season 4 was called Shattered and it was released on May 19th, 2024 on CBS. Darren Grant was the director while Rob Hanning and Joe Gazzam wrote the episodes. We see Melody Bayani aka Mel (played by Liza Lapira) getting abducted in this episode which becomes the main plot. The kidnapper, named Eric aka Billal Malik, is actually from her Air Force team which she was a part of.

We finally see Robyn McCall and Marcus Dante sharing their feelings for each other. However, later he receives an offer to join the special investigation unit of the police department of Los Angeles.

Despite being heartbroken, Robyn tries to convince him to take the job. Meanwhile, Mel is able to save herself from the abductors. The episode ends with Dante leaving for Los Angeles. Latifah is also the executive producer of the show along with many others.

Is The Equalizer Season 5 Happening?

CBS had renewed The Equalizer Season 5 in early May this year. It was mainly due to the strong response the series has been getting. The series has been airing since February 2021, and we can expect the fifth season to carry that momentum in terms of quality.

Is The Equalizer Season 5 Happening?
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What To Expect From It?

The Equalizer Season 5 will pick from where the fourth season ended. We see Dante leaving for Los Angeles despite him having feelings for Robyn. Even though his sons and ailing father are in New York he chooses to get that new job.

This is because Dante doesn’t want to sit at a desk in his life. Robyn loves him but still convinces him to go because she doesn’t want to be seen as a selfish person. While all this was hard to witness, we can hope The Equalizer Season 5 to sort this storyline.

Maybe Dante will make a comeback for some reason. Or maybe Robyn will pay him a visit. Meanwhile, Mel was almost killed. So she will be taking a break from work to get healed from all the trauma. Robyn’s relationship with her daughter Delilah can be also explored further in the next season. There should be more episodes than last season (because of the Hollywood strike).

Who Will Be In The Cast?

The Equalizer Season 5 will have all the prominent cast members of the show. This includes Queen Latifah portraying Robyn McCall, Tory Kittles (playing Marcus Dante), Adam Goldberg (Harry Keshegian), Liza Lapira (Mel), Laya DeLeon Hayes (Delilah), Lorraine Toussaint (Viola Marsette aka Aunt Vi), Donal Logue (Colton Fisk) and Indira Wilson (Captain Watkins) among others. We can also see new actors joining the cast in the next season since some new characters can be added. Especially for Dante’s storyline in LA.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

We don’t know when The Equalizer Season 5 will be released, but a guesswork can happen. The fifth season will either be released by the end of 2025 or early 2026. There is a chance that the show might premiere in the Summer of next year.

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The Equalizer is a show heavy on action and drama. All these things are delivered in steady doses in all the episodes of this show. The fourth season recently ended with a lot of questions. Since The Equalizer Season 5 is happening, we can expect to answer all those questions.

Fans are really into the plot of this series which is at an interesting turn right now. All the characters are also going through their issues which we will further see in the next season.

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