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The Girls on the Bus Episode 10 Preview, Release Date And More

The Girls on the Bus Episode 10

The Girls on the Bus has been a very successful political drama series in recent times. It is based on the actual accounts of how journalists function and cover the Presidential elections in the United States. The series premiered in March 2024 and has since been a success.

The Girls on the Bus Episode 10
Credits: Town and Country magazine

The Girls on the Bus Episode 10 is the next and final episode of the maiden season of this show. Since it is the finale, there is a lot of obvious anticipation around the episode regarding its preview. We will decipher all those things.

What Is The Girls on the Bus All About?

The Girls on the Bus is taken from the political memoir titled Chasing Hillary which was written by Amy Chozick in 2018. She wrote it based on her experience of covering Hilary Clinton’s run for president in two elections. Chozick has also created the show with Julie Plec. The main focus of the series is four journalists working for different organizations as they are on a campaign trail during the presidential election.

The Girls on the Bus stars Melissa Benoist (playing Sadie McCarthy), Carla Gugino (Grace Gordon Greene), Christina Elmore (Kimberlyn Anaya Kendrick), and Natasha Behnam (Lola Rahaii) in lead roles. We also see the personal side of their lives and how they navigate everything in their lives.

Chozick and Plec are also the executive producers along with Marcos Siega, Leigh London Redman, Rina Mimoun, Leigh London Redman, and Sarah Schechter as well as Greg Berlanti. It premiered on March 14th, 2024.

What Happened In The Girls on the Bus Episode 9?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 9 is named Slouching Towards Brooklyn and it was released on May 2nd, 2024. The episode was penned by Kevin A. Garnett and Jenna Richman while Marcos Siega was the director. It showcases the death of a pivotal character, Bruce. He passes away in his office and it really affects Sadie.

What Happened In The Girls on the Bus Episode 9?
Credits: Screen Rant

The episode also has Lola struggling to get inside a conventional of the Democrats. This happens because she doesn’t have the suitable credentials to enter and she makes many attempts but it doesn’t work. Annie is also struggling really and has to return home after a fight with her boyfriend and Grace has the support of her family. We also see Kimberly finally saying yes to the job that was offered to her in the prior episode.

What To Expect From The Girls on the Bus Episode 10?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 10 is called The Everydays and Amy Chozick has written it. This will be the final episode of this season so we can expect many characters making some hard and decisive moves. The article that Sadie has been planning to write to expose Hayden Wells Garrett (played by Scott Foley) may finally get written this time.

This will directly affect his campaign as the exposition will turn the tide in favor of Felicity Walker (Hettienne Park) and she might end up winning and becoming the President if there is no other obstacle.

We might also see all the characters tying the ends that are loose in their personal life. Overall, there are many things to expect from The Girls on the Bus Episode 10 that make it very exciting. This episode will also conclude the elements from the source material it’s based on.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 10 will be released on Thursday, May 9th, 2024 on Max through subscription. All the episodes have been 40 to 47 minutes long so the same duration is expected for it. However, it might be a bit longer since it’s the finale episode.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Screen Rant


The Girls on the Bus was inspired by The Boys on the Bus which also chronicled journalists on campaign trial. This one is from the view of female reporters which makes it refreshing. The series has worked because of its writing, authenticity, performances, and direction.

The Girls on the Bus Episode 10 will be the last episode of the show so we can expect a nice conclusion that will make the viewers very emotional which is why there’s much anticipation.