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The Girls On The Bus Episode 4: Release Date, Preview And More

The Girls On The Bus Episode 4

The Girls on the Bus is an American television series in the political drama genre. It is based on the 2018 memoir called Chasing Hillary which was written by journalist Amy Chozick. She is the creator of the series alongside Julie Plec. The series started out in March and has received positive reviews.

The Girls On The Bus Episode 4
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So far three episodes have aired and fans are waiting for The Girls On The Bus Episode 4. This article will be helpful if you are looking for some details on the preview and release date of the upcoming episode.

What Is The Girls On The Bus All About?

The Girls On The Bus is centered around four journalists who are covering several candidates running for President of the US. All of them are also navigating various aspects of life like romance and friendship on the way to a trail of campaign. It is inspired by the true events of Amy Chozick who had covered the campaign of Hillary Clinton in two elections, 2008 and 2016.

The series stars Melissa Benoist playing the role of Sadie McCarthy, Carla Gugino as Grace Gordon Greene, and Christina Elmore (Kimberlyn Anaya Kendrick) among others. The series also has Natasha Behnam (Lola Rahaii) and Brandon Scott (Malcolm). It has been produced by Warner Bros. Television, Tsiporah and Berlanti Productions.

What Happened In The Girls On The Bus Episode 3?

The third episode of The Girls On The Bus was titled The Audacity of Nope and it was released on March 21st, 2024 on Max. Its final moments showcase a person who catches Sadie McCarthy and Malcolm kissing each other.

This one moment puts her job in a risky position and starts many possibilities. A burner phone is also delivered to her which will be the centre of the forthcoming episode.

What Happened In The Girls On The Bus Episode 3?
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We also see Grace planning to write a piece on The Geriatric who is also fighting the election. Sadie is also left out by the Walkers which makes her miss out on an important moment from the campaign. Meanwhile, Kimberlyn gets a surprise from Eric in Las Vegas and they plan to get married.

What Can We Expect From The Girls On The Bus Episode 4?

The Girls on the Bus Episode 4 will witness Sadie McCarthy try to find out the real story of the mysterious burner phone. She will be also navigating a weird moment mainly because of her boyfriend Malcolm. She will be trying to find out the person behind the call she received and the person who sent it.

This aspect was touched on in the previous episode and it will be explored in a more fleshed-out manner in the fourth episode. She will be working hard towards not letting her personal life affect her professional front.

It will be interesting to witness Sadie along with other women, going through all the difficulties while they are on an important assignment surrounding presidential nominees.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Girls On The Bus Episode 4 is titled Two Americas and it is scheduled to release on Thursday, March 28th, 2024 on Max at 3 am (EST). The runtime will be around 42 to 47 minutes long. The episode was written by Jenna Richman.

Previous episodes were helmed by Jesse Peretz, Marta Cunningham and Marcos Siega as well as DeMane Davis. The Girls On The Bus will have a total of ten episodes with the final one premiering on May 9th, 2024.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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Amy Chozick, Rina Mimoun, Sarah Schechter, Julie Plec, and Greg Berlanti are the executive producers of The Girls On The Bus along with Leigh London Redman, Jesse Peretz, and Marcos Siega.


In the past, the audiences has seen many political dramas on the small screen. Amid all that, a show like The Girls On The Bus comes up that is less about politics and more about the people who are reporting the politicians. While on the trail, we get a glimpse of how they live their lives which is really engaging to watch.

The Girls On The Bus Episode 4 has amped up the hype mainly because of the way the previous episode ended. Fans now want to know how Sadie will be handling the situation in front of her on both personal and professional fronts.

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