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The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Episode 4 Review: A Different Side of Germany with Eugene Levy

The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Episode 5

Actor and comedian Eugene Levy has begun the second trip around the world with The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 and after traveling to a handful of beautiful destinations like France, Scotland, and Sweden, Levy has now found himself in Germany. While some people might have preconceived notions of what a trip to Germany might look it, Levy is about to change that completely, and viewers will love every second of it.

Levy has flown all the way to Germany for one of the most interesting experiences that we have witnessed in The Reluctant Traveler Season 1 and 2 so far, and instead of a glass of champagne, we see him drinking a beetroot shot. So, keep reading our review of The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Episode 4 to figure out whether or not this should be next on your watchlist.

A Unique Trip to Germany

First and foremost, instead of taking the viewers to hustling bustling cities of Germany, Eugene Levy took them to an Island instead, which no one would have really expected, but it was defnitely worth the travel.

The title of The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Episode 4 is “Germany: The Health Resort” which should be more than enough to give the viewers an idea that this episode is going to be a little different and unique from the rest, and that’s exactly what it was. We weren’t expecting to find ourselves in a health resort for the majority of Episode 4, but we were more than grateful for it.

The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Episode 4
Credit: Apple TV+

New experiences in Germany combined with Levy’s humor is what made this episode so unique, and definitely our favorite one so far. Yes, it also tops the Scotland episode which had set the bar fairly high for The Reluctant Traveler Season 2.

Levy traveled to the Northern tip of Germany, on an Island called Sylt, where he stayed at a health resort. This particular location was beyond beautiful, and modern, and had Levy sipping on a beetroot shot and meeting a doctor. So it is safe to say that Germany was a very different experience compared to Scotland, Sweden, or France.

This place was like a fairytale, even though Levy had his difficulties, especially when he participated in a therapy that included a panic button. Not only that, Levy also ate food that didn’t normally fit his appetite, but ultimately The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 is all about Levy and him facing new challenges and experiences, which is exactly what Episode 4 was all about.

Levy essentially had a detox, which was much needed right in between of the season, and he was also seen walking in mud barefoot!

The Reluctant Traveler Season 2
Credit: Apple TV+


It goes without saying that along with this new experience for viewers and Eugene Levy in The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Episode 4, there was also a lot of humor, precisely because of this new and unexpected concept. This is why, we highly recommend streaming this episode as soon as you can, and it might just make you want to travel to Germany.

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