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The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12: Preview, Release Date And More

The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12

The Impossible Heir is yet another South Korean television series that people from across nations are enjoying. The revenge drama is the directorial effort of Lee Hyang-bong and Min Yeon-hong while Choi Won has written it. The series has been airing since February 2024 on a weekly basis.

The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12: Preview
Credits: Hotstar

People who are into the show are really looking forward to The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12 because of the high drama of earlier episodes. Read on to know about what to expect from it and when the episodes will be released.

What Is The Impossible Heir All About?

The Impossible Heir is the story of Kang In-ha (played by Lee Jun-young) who grew up poor. His life changes after realizing that he might be an illicit child of a person who owns a successful conglomerate. He confronts the business family but they reject him.

In-ha then makes a plan and seeks help from Han Tae-oh (played by Lee Jae-wook) who is a friend from childhood. They think of ideas to get inside the family and take control of the company.

The series premiered on February 28th, 2024 on Disney Plus. Jung Yeon-ji, Kim Min, and Cho Young-jae are the executive producers of the show. It also stars Hong Su-zu (playing the role of Na Hye-won), Han Sang-jin (Kang In-joo), Choi Jin-ho (Kang Jung-mo), Kim Ho-jung (Jang Geum-seok), Lee Ji-hoon (Kang Seong-ju), Kim Young-joo (Yoon Hyang-mi), Ko Chang-seok (Chae Dong-wook), and Choi Hee-jin (Kang Hee-joo) among others.

What Happened In The Impossible Heir Episode 10?

The Impossible Heir Episode 10 shows Kang In-ha meets his father who tells him about breaking Kangoh. In-ha is also accused of the death of Kang In-ju and a scuffle takes place between them. Meanwhile, Ha Myung-jin, the prosecutor, is told about Tae-oh that he is not responsible for the murder and that the main killer’s voice is on the phone of Bo-na.

What Happened In The Impossible Heir Episode 10?
Credits: Dexerto

Later, Tae-oh returns to jail for operating Gold H Investment with a friend; it’s a company in paper production. The moves end up making the family of Kangoh vigilant. Tae-oh is finally released from prison after a lawyer of Chairman helps. In the end, In-ah meets his father in the hospital and tries to convince him to kill the Chairman. However, things change as Tae-oh shows up.

What To Expect From The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12?

The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12 are really awaited by fans because of the events that were shown prior to it. We can expect many twists in both the episodes. Since Episode 9 ended with the scene between In-ah and Tae-oh, The Impossible Heir Episode 11 will pick from that moment and we can expect they will introspect about the things they did to subdue Tae-oh.

The Kangoh company might find other problems as Tae-oh is involved in Gold H Investments. There might be something in Tae-oh’s head about In-ah. Since the chairman is unwell, this might be the moment for him to go after Kangoh. He also has In-ah as a challenge. All these mysteries might be resolved in the upcoming episode. We can guess that the path to take down the company will not be easy for In-ah.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12 will be released on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024 at 5 am (ET) on Disney Plus. Both these episodes can be expected to be hour-long which is a norm for most K-dramas. The entire season will have 12 episodes which means the story will conclude on the 12th episode.


The Impossible Heir tells a very interesting tale of a guy willing to go to any length to change his life. It has a nice mix of different genres like drama and thriller as well as revenge tropes. The Impossible Heir Episodes 11 & 12 will be taking the story to its deserving conclusion.

This has excited people who are really invested in this story involving big corporations and people who are only into their own profits. It is a part of the boom of K-dramas that relate to not just South Koreans but across the globe.

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