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The Terminal List Season 2: Release Date Confirmed? Everything We Know

The compelling world of military intrigue and personal retribution is explored in The Terminal List series. The protagonist of this Jack Carr novel adaptation, played by Chris Pratt, is US Navy SEAL James Reece.

The Terminal List Season 2
Credit: The Mary Sue

Fans have been loving the show so far and have been waiting for another season. If you’re one of them, we have some news for you so read on!

What Is The Terminal List All About?

The Terminal List follows US Navy SEAL James Reece, played by Chris Pratt, through his terrifying ordeal as he deals with the terrible fallout from a mission gone wrong. He is devastated by the loss of his unit, but things get worse when he finds out that his family is now being targeted.

What Is The Terminal List All About?
Credit: TVLine

It becomes evident that the mission’s failure was the result of a carefully planned strategy rather than just coincidence. Reece is driven by a desire for justice and vengeance and commits to finding every member of the conspiracy, no matter the cost. Reece faces his issues as he travels a perilous route towards retribution and digs further into the web of deceit and betrayal.

What Can Fans Expect From The Upcoming Season?

Production on The Terminal List season two has been delayed, mostly because of Chris Pratt’s hectic schedule and the Hollywood labour strikes. To the delight of fans, however, filming is soon to begin.

The next season will adapt Jack Carr’s sequel novel “True Believer,” which begins with James Reece, the main character, living as a fugitive in pursuit of the law.

What Can Fans Expect From The Upcoming Season?
Credit: TV Guide

In “True Believer,” after a string of horrific terrorist acts, Reece is grudgingly brought back into federal service. The stage is set for his return to combat when, despite his wanted status, he is accepted into the CIA and receives a presidential pardon for his prior deeds. Expect nonstop action and dramatic stakes as Reece sets out on a global journey to stop a terrible new danger.

While The Terminal List’s first season deviated somewhat from Carr’s original plot, viewers can expect more artistic licence in the next instalment. Still, “True Believer” offers insightful information about the series’ future trajectory and promises an exciting continuation of Reece’s adventure.

Who Will Likely Be Returning To The Cast?

With the much-anticipated return of The Terminal List to television, Chris Pratt is the only cast member confirmed to play James Reece again. Because so many characters were killed off in the first season, there aren’t many returning cast members.

However, Constance Wu, who played the tenacious reporter Katie Buranek, is a possible co-star who is ready to return.

Who Will Likely Be Returning To The Cast?
Credit: Fox News

The character of Buranek was essential in revealing important details of the plot involving Reece and his objective. She became a fascinating character in the series because of her persistence and investigative abilities, which gave the plot more complexity.

With fans anticipating more casting announcements with bated breath, Buranek’s possible comeback promises intriguing and engaging storytelling in the next season of The Terminal List.

Do We Have A Release Date?

There is a lot of excitement about the return of The Terminal List in its second season, but specifics like the release date are still unknown. Fans are left to wonder when they may anticipate seeing James Reece return to action as there has been no official announcement regarding the production time-frame.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credit: UPROXX

It’s reasonable to presume that it might take some time until the eagerly awaited season premieres on television given the lack of firm details. The excitement for Reece’s exciting trip to continue only grows as enthusiastic watchers wait for more information.

There Are Talks About A Prequel

With an intriguing prequel series, the franchise is expanding its universe and building on the popularity of The Terminal List season 1 and the excitement around its upcoming second season.

In this new episode, Taylor Kitsch‘s character Ben Edwards will be explored in his past, showing how he went from being a well-respected soldier to being one of the season’s villains.

There Are Talks About A Prequel
Credit: IMDb

The prequel is slated to be a sophisticated spy thriller that will reveal the nuanced choices and motives that sent Edwards down his terrible road. Fans may anticipate a thorough dig into Kitsch’s psyche, providing light on his progress and the circumstances that influenced him, as it has been announced that the actor will reprise his role.

Considering the complicated past of Chris Pratt’s character, it wouldn’t be shocking if Pratt appeared in the prequel series. The story is made more intriguing by the possibility that Reece is involved, which gives fans a window into the relationship between these two people before their paths part.


Fans are eagerly awaiting any new information as they build anticipation for the return of The Terminal List with its second season and the possibility of an intriguing prequel series.

The adaptation of Jack Carr’s “True Believer” is expected to feature complex storytelling and exhilarating action, even with production delays. More mystery, treachery, and high-stakes drama are likely to arrive in the Terminal List universe, which has fans excitedly awaiting word on premiere dates and new cast members.

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