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The Veil Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

The Veil Season 2

The Veil is a television series in the thriller genre that was created by Steven Knight. He has also written the series, and FX Productions is the producer. Knight is also the executive producer along with Elisabeth Moss, Denise Di Novi, Lindsey McManus
and Daina Reid.

The Veil Season 2
Credits: FX

The series premiered on April 30th, 2024 on Hulu and its final episode recently aired. Since then, there has been a lot of buzz and chatter about The Veil Season 2 and whether it has been commissioned or not. Let us find the answer.

How Did The Veil End?

The final episode of The Veil was called The Cottage and it was released on May 28th, 2024. It was written by Knight while Damon Thomas helmed it. We see Adilah getting an ultimatum from Imogen. The two are hiding in a ship which is going to England.

After a chase takes place, the ladies decide to go different ways to distract the cops. We are also introduced to the man in the life of Imogen who has been surrounded with mystery. He is Michael and they are also introduced to Patrick who is his driver as they plan to run.

Meanwhile, Malik and Max are looking for Imogen and visit her house in London. Later, Imogen feels that Russians are also involved in the terror plot on America and Adilah confirms it. The episode also showcases Adilah chatting to Emir and the detonator is in her phone. Adilah ends up stabbing Patrick and runs away.

A major revelation regarding the father of Imogen happens. He is not dead yet but has been living in the house belonging to Michael for many years. In the end, Imogen is able to prevent the bombing but Adilah passes away.

Is The Veil Season 2 Happening?

The Veil Season 2 has not been announced by Hulu so chances are slim that it will happen. However, we need to wait for the channel to take everything into consideration before a second season is greenlit by them.

There is another catch that it is a miniseries which means it has concluded the plot. Most of the time, miniseries do not return for a second season. However, viewers are still hopeful for The Veil Season 2 to happen in the future. We only need to observe when that will happen.

Is The Veil Season 2 Happening?
Credits: Ready Steady Cut

What To Expect From It?

The Veil Season 2 is not happening but fans can speculate a few things regarding its plot if it actually takes place. The final episode of the first season showcased Imogen finally preventing the bomb blast that was in the planning throughout the show.

However, tragedy hits when Adilah (who is a pivotal character), dies. In The Veil Season 2, we can expect Imogen to go on another espionage mission for the CIA. She will be preventing more attacks while she has her own issues on the personal front. We will be shown more action as well as drama if the storyline continues.

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Who Will Be In The Cast?

The Veil Season 2 will mark the return of Imogen Salter (played by Elisabeth Moss) continuing her role as an agent of the CIA. Adilah El Idriss (played by Yumna Marwan) won’t be returning because her character died in the final episode.

Other characters who might return are Malik Amar (played by Dali Benssalah), Magritte (Thibault de Montalembert) and Max Peterson (Josh Charles). The makers might also introduce some new actors who will be playing new and different characters in The Veil Season 2 if it happens.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: TV Fanatic

There is no confirmation regarding its date of release but we can expect it to drop sometime in late 2025 or early 2026 if the production starts with speed.


The Veil is a very engaging and taught miniseries that has been loved by viewers globally. The series is driven by characters and showcases different dilemmas on the moral front and how they deal with it.

The Veil Season 2 is the talk ever since the first season came to its exciting end. While there is no confirmation from Hulu, fans are still not losing hope for it to happen very soon.

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