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This Town Season 2: Has It Been Renewed? Everything We Know

This Town Season 2

This Town is a very engaging television series from Britain that deals with a bunch of people from the same extended family. As they move forward, they get attracted to the musical scene of their times in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The storyline also has a lot of violence happening in the background.

This Town Season 2
Credits: BBC

This Steven Knight-created series premiered on March 31st, 2024 on BBC One and became a success. Since then, fans of This Town have been looking if This Town Season 2 is happening or if the makers have canceled it. Read on to find out.

What Happened At The End of This Town Season One?

The final episode of This Town was written by Knight while Paul Whittington helmed it. Along with other episodes, it was also released on the same day. It showcases Bardon Quinn (played by Ben Rose) getting ready for something. Deuce Williams (Nicholas Pinnock) is affected after realizing that the pay of redundancy won’t be given to him.

He then disappears which upsets everyone as they start looking for him. After renaming the band, Dante and others head to the Church where they see Deuce. Greg and Matty will be recording two songs and we see Estella and Deuce in the audience.

Later, Greg is confronted by people working for Sparkhill which leads to a scuffle and death of a woman. In the end, we see the band performing and getting a warm response. Dante is happy with how their work is received.

Is This Town Season 2 Happening?

The makers have not confirmed that This Town Season 2 has been commissioned. However, in an interview, Steven Knight confirmed that he wrote the series keeping two seasons in mind. He plans to have the audiences invested in the characters for a while.

Is This Town Season 2 Happening?
Credits: Hello Magazine

So this gives us hope that a second season can happen. Since the show has just concluded, we can expect the makers to evaluate every possibility before greenlighting a fresh season. It will depend on the viewership and the overall response of the first season.

What To Expect From It?

If This Town Season 2 happens, it can continue the storyline of all the characters shown in the first season. We can expect the second season to take place in a different timeline and not the same as it was till the early 1980s in the first season.

The makers can also change the setting and put the story in a different part of the UK with a different set of challenges in front of the characters. Some real-life references will also happen just like before.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

So far, nothing has been announced so we can only speculate about This Town Season 2. The follow-up season can have the principal cast of the prior season return. This includes Dante Williams (played by Levi Brown), Gregory Williams (Jordan Bolger), Bardon Quinn (Ben Rose), and Robbie Carmen (David Dawson) as well as Deuce Williams (Nicholas Pinnock) and Estella (Michelle Dockery) among others.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Radio Times

If the makers opt for a completely different setting, we can see all these actors getting replaced by new faces. In a different case, This Town Season 2 will have a mix of the older cast with some new actors joining the team. It would be interesting to see how things unfold.

While there is nothing on a release date, we can expect the second season to also have six episodes just like before. All these episodes should also have a similar runtime that runs between 50 to 60 minutes.


This Town was loved by viewers for its nice blend of music with the political situation of the nation. This was running parallel with the struggles of its protagonists. Its success has led to the demand for This Town Season 2 getting intense lately.

Fans are looking for any updates in this regard. We might have to wait for a while before the makers get to a conclusion. If it happens, we can expect the same kind of passionate storyline revolving around music and people who will do anything for it. We will just have to wait for a little longer for any news.