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Vanderpump Villa: Release Date, Trailer And More

Vanderpump Villa

Vanderpump Villa is an upcoming American reality television series. Lisa Vanderpump serves as an executive producer of this show which is a spin-off of The Vanderpump Rules. Its announcement has excited the fans of the franchise as well as the fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Vanderpump Villa
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People want to know the release date of this highly anticipated reality show. If you are also curious to know about the Vanderpump Villa, this story is for you since we will be answering all your questions. So keep on reading.

What Is Vanderpump Villa All About?

Vanderpump Villa is a spin-off show of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules which itself was one of the first spin-offs of the extremely popular show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Vanderpump Villa is centered around English TV personality Lisa Vanderpump who chooses some of her staff members from her ultra-luxurious French villa called the Château Rosabelle.

She also serves as one of its executive producers along with Entertainment 360 and Bunim/Murray Productions.

What Is Vanderpump Villa All About?
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The show will chronicle Lisa’s staff members who live and work under the same roof and push themselves to satiate the needs of their high-profile guests who arrive at her Villa. All of her staff members are from America while her Villa is situated in the southern part of France. As all of them work together, the workers go through competition, rivalries, and even romance.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Back in December 2023, the makers revealed the members who will participate in Vanderpump Villa. The role of event coordinator is done by Gabriella Sanon and Stephen Alsvig. In the kitchen section of the Villa, Anthony Bar will be working as the executive chef and while Caroline Byl will be in the capacity of a sous chef.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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Names like Marciano Brunette, Hannah Fouch, and Priscila Ferrari are finalized as lead serves for the guests. For the role of mixologist in the hall, Terry Hall and Andre Mitchell have been picked. Eric Funderwhite is the manager of the chateau which is an important job. Meanwhile, housekeeping will be handled by Emily Kovacs and Grace Cottrell.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Yes, we have a release date. The first three episodes of Vanderpump Villa will premiere on April 1st, 2024 on Hulu. Followed by the release of other episodes. The show was announced in June 2023 and its shooting began in September and concluded somewhere around October the same year. Most of the shooting took place at the Château St. Joseph which is located in the commune of Mazerolles-du-Razès.

Do We Have A Trailer?

The official trailer of the much-awaited show dropped on March 6 and it was loved by everyone. The video runs for two minutes and 31 seconds and it hooks its viewers with a glimpse into the world of Vanderpump Villa. It opens with Lisa Vanderpump telling her staff members that her guests will be arriving and says, ‘Don’t go crazy tonight.’

She then goes on to talk about her place, saying: ‘Vanderpump Villa is a curated luxury experience. It’s not just a hotel. It’s a fantasy. All my staff has to do is execute my wishes.’ Her words are accompanied by the rapid visuals of all the workers cleaning the sheets and doing work at the Villa to make it presentable for the guests.

A goosebump moment appears when a bunch of glasses filled with some form of alcohol just breaks as the staff is waiting outside the guests in pink outfits. We then hear the staff members saying that they don’t want to let Lisa down, while another one says that it’s a lot of hard work and pressure. The cross-culture thing comes to the forefront when one of her American staff members can’t read a manual for an expresso since it’s written in French.

As the trailer progresses, we see that the co-workers will have to live together as well while they work. This kind of adjustment in life is something most of them are not used to and it results in conflicts. Later on, we are told that two of the staff members actually hooked up together.

Lisa then tells them, ‘As long as you can assure me your relationship does not affect my business…’. This clearly means that she is fine with anything if it doesn’t affect her Villa and its operations.

However, another shocker comes when Marciano (who is one of the lovebirds) is seen kissing a guest. This is followed by a lot of drama shown through an impressive montage of shots. The tagline reads, ‘Come for the decadence. Stay for the drama.’ The video concludes with a peak of visual showing the staff going through their issues while Lisa tries to keep things under control.

On January 1st, the makers dropped its one-minute-long teaser which shows some beautiful visuals of the Villa followed by the introduction of the staff. Lisa informs them that she has personally selected each of them for the job. Later on, an extended preview was also released to further amp up the hype and generate more excitement for the show.


Lisa Vanderpump is a big name in the world of reality television and in the past, she has helmed shows like The Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Both shows are immensely popular and are a part of our pop culture.

She is now back with another spin-off of the franchise and has given a different spin to it. Unlike previous shows, this one is set in her Villa. So we will surely get to see a lot of drama, romance, rivalry between all the staff members and other things.

Overall, Vanderpump Villa promises a lot of fun, entertainment and a glimpse of what goes into preparing a wonderful experience for the guests at a high-end and luxury hotel. At the center of it all is Lisa herself, who is a name unto herself.

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