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Clipped Episode 3 Preview: Release Date And More

Clipped Episode 3 Preview

2024 has been a great year for miniseries with names like Manhunt and Shogun becoming a rage. Now, Clipped has been added to that name. This sports drama came out in silence but has become a real success among viewers with its premiere because of its content.

Clipped Episode 3 Preview
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The audiences are now looking forward to Clipped Episode 3 which will take the interesting tale inspired by real events forward. Since viewers have been asking questions about this episode, we can decide to answer everything in this episode so continue reading to find out the answer.

What Is Clipped All About?

Gina Welch has created Clipped and is based on The Sterling Affairs which was a podcast series that ran on the 30 for 30 segments of ESPN and was made by Ramona Shelburne. It centers around the Los Angeles Clippers which is a basketball team and how Donald Sterling’s behavior affected the teammates. It also touches upon the moment Sterling made racist remarks which ended his career in sports.

Clipped premiered on June 4th, 2024. Welch, Shelburne, Kevin Bray, Nina Jacobson, Zanne Devine and Brad Simpson are the executive producers of the show.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?

The maiden and second episodes of Clipped were released on June 4th, 2024. The episode showcases the tap that V. Stiviano had recorded of Sterling in which the latter is hurling racial slurs. The makers opt out of certain details from the tape in the series.

It might be because of the duration or sensitivity of the things said. Some of his previous run-ins with the law were not mentioned in the episode as well. But we can maybe expect them to be mentioned in the future. The episode also touches upon the death of Sterling’s kids.

What Happened In The Previous Episode?
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However, it is still not shown how he coped with this tragedy and if it affected his career. We can expect the focus to be on everything and not just the sensational tape because all the characters make it interesting. Doc Rivers (played by Laurence Fishburne) doesn’t give heed to a scandal by TMZ. His priority is the team and the game.

Elgin Baylor is having a hard time because of Sterling. He is an executive of Clipper. Meanwhile, V. is fed up with Sterling and his racial views. Shelly has a confrontation with Sterling over the same and briefly, they reconcile. Towards the end, we see the team going for a big match.

What To Expect From Clipped Episode 3?

Clipped Episode 3 is called Let the Games Began and it was penned by Tracey Scott Wilson and Francesca Gregorini is the director. We might see the repercussions of the TMZ tape recording. The team will be surely affected by this scandal and the performances will be taking a beating because of the heat surrounding the tape.

Before the playoff, there will be a lot of distractions for the players. A very important thing is about to happen which is the 80th birthday of Donald Sterling. However, this celebration will be overshadowed because of the scandal. Clipped Episode 3 is going to also showcase how V will react to the whole thing. The episode has lots of things in store in terms of plotlines which will be unveiled once it releases.

Clipped Episode 3 will be taking the story of the Sterling case forward. The case in itself is juicy enough and the makers have done a decent job of covering it with drama and rooting it in a way that makes it very engaging without moving away from the real events.

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Do We Have A Release Date?

Clipped Episode 3 will be released on FX on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024 at 3 am ET. The episodes will be also available on Hulu the following day. There will be six episodes in total which means three more episodes are there. The finale will be released on July 2nd.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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Clipped is a well-written and skillfully directed series based on an explosive true event that crumbled an empire in the sports world. Clipped Episode 3 is going to show more about the scandal what it led to and how careers were affected.

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