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Who Went Home On The Bachelor Tonight? Everything We Know

The Bachelor

The star of The Bachelor Season 28 visited the hometowns of Daisy Kent, Maria Georgas, Rachel Nance, and Kelsey Anderson in Week 8. There were few seats available for the finale in Tulum, Mexico, as tensions reached a breaking point.

A tragic turn of events left one woman without a seat, heightening the suspense and drama. If you’re a fan of the show and want to know who went home, read on.

What Is The Bachelor All About?

The twenty-eighth season of the popular television show The Bachelor, which stars Joey Graziadei, a 28-year-old tennis coach from Pennsylvania, premiered on January 22, 2024. After finishing second on The Bachelorette, Joey set out to find love among other optimistic ladies. With unique stops in Malta, Spain, and Mexico, the filming route included stops in California, Pennsylvania, and Canada.

What Is The Bachelor All About?
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Special visitors, such as artists, previous contestants, and retired tennis players, enhanced the romantic activities. With great anticipation, viewers followed Joey’s journey, wondering if, in the whirlwind romance of reality television, he would finally discover his true love.

What Happened In The Latest Episode?

Following emotional conversations and a close relationship with the families of his last four competitors, Joey had to make his hardest choice yet—saying goodbye to a participant he adored before Fantasy Suite week. He was experiencing intense emotions as he attempted to find a permanent romantic relationship while balancing love and compatibility.

Joey went on a life-changing date with Kelsey after travelling back to New Orleans for an important one-on-one. Feelings were strong amidst tandem riding, seeing butterflies, and indulging in beignets. Having lost her mother to cancer, Kelsey took comfort in these poignant moments, viewing butterflies as a message from her deceased mother.

Meeting a bride for a picture session, they toasted to a potential future together while reflecting on their journeys. Their connection became stronger amid heartbreaking reminders of love, sorrow, and the hope of fresh starts.

What Happened In The Latest Episode?
Credits: ABC

The trip went on to Rancho Cucamonga, where Joey was scheduled to meet Rachel’s family. Rachel prepared him for the cultural subtleties by embracing the traditions of the Philippines and Hawaii. She warned about the protectiveness of her parents from a past relationship. Even though Joey had misgivings about The Bachelor process, he handled the meeting with grace and tact. Joey made an impression on Rachel’s parents at the family barbecue by demonstrating his appreciation for Filipino customs.

Rachel’s parents showed respect for Joey but cautious optimism in her when she engaged in serious conversations despite their misgivings about The Bachelor process. After bonding with her family, Joey returned the favour when Rachel made the brave decision to reveal her affection for him.

Also, In the hometown dates, emotions soared as Daisy shared her health journey and Maria navigated a rocky connection with Joey. Despite efforts, some contestants left disappointed after the tense rose ceremony.

Who Went Home?

Jenn Tran and Kelsey Toussant had to deal with the heartbreaking fact that they were leaving without any roses from Joey as the rose ceremony took place. Jenn was feeling inadequate for Joey, and she was having a hard time hiding her disappointment, while Kelsey remained calm.

Joey thought it over and gave flowers to Daisy, Kelsey, and Rachel, sealing Maria’s departure from the show. Even though Maria had declared her love earlier, she left feeling devasted and doubting the extent of her efforts.

Who Went Home?
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In the latest episode of The Bachelor Season 28, emotions ran high as Joey faced tough decisions during hometown dates and the subsequent rose ceremony. Heartfelt moments and difficult conversations unfolded, leading to the departure of Jenn Tran and Kelsey Toussant.

Despite their efforts, they left without roses from Joey, while Daisy, Kelsey, and Rachel secured their spots for the next phase. Maria’s heartbreaking exit left her questioning the depth of her efforts and the possibility of love. As the journey continues, viewers are left eagerly anticipating the unfolding drama and romantic twists that lie ahead on The Bachelor.

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