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Wrestlers Season 2: Is It Coming? Everything We Know

Fans of professional wrestling have been delighted with a lot of films and television shows in recent years. Netflix’s Wrestlers was another addition to that list. The series, made in a documentary style, follows the story of wrestler Al Snow and Matt Jones who was his business partner. The rest of the series centers around them as they try to run the iconic Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW).

Wrestlers Season 2
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Right after the success of its first season, there was buzz of a second season. Since then, fans have been wondering when its much-awaited second season will drop. If you have been wondering the same, continue reading.

What Is Wrestlers All About?

Wrestlers is directed by Greg Whiteley and chronicles Al Snow and Matt Jones as they run the Ohio Valley Wrestling. The first season, consisting of seven episodes, premiered on Netflix on September 13, 2023. Each episode had a runtime of approximately around 50 minutes, making it a quick and crisp watch. Ryan O’Dowd and Greg Whiteley serve as its executive producers.

What Is Wrestlers All About?
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The series has been able to receive widespread positive response thanks to the true depiction of the world of professional wrestling. It provides a glimpse of the world that might seem glamorous from the outside. However, it’s tough and the wrestlers go through their share of struggles.

What Happened In The Previous Season?

The first season had seven episodes with each centering around a different facet of wrestling and the Ohio Valley Wrestling company.

The sixth and second last episode was titled About Face. It focuses on the aftermath of the summer tour of the company which was well received. Right before the much-awaited pay-per-view event, Haley is offered a lucrative job offer from the WOW. This results in him going for different shows.

What Happened In The Previous Season?
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Meanwhile, due to shoulder dislocation, Shera misses out on a lot of matches. Al is encouraged by his business partner Matt to wrestle. Al had earlier retired from wrestling due to pain issues. Right before she leaves for WOW, Haley and Eric part ways.

In the final episode called The Big One, we see Al finally come out of retirement to wrestle just before the big PPV event. In Los Angeles, Haley is ready to attend an event for WOW. She is anticipating on missing out an event organized by the OVW. Luckily, she attends the event and is cheered by a crowd that is enthusiastic.

Al, on the other hand, gets inside the right and fights a match that is well received. Post that, the entire team of OVW gathers to celebrate and Eric and Haley also join.

Is Wrestlers Season 2 Happening?

While the first season ends on a satisfactory note, there is a lot of story surrounding the Ohio Valley Wrestling that has not been explored. So far, the makers and Netflix have not made any official announcement for a second season.

Looking at the massive popularity of Wrestlers, the chances of a follow-up season are high. Fans are eagerly waiting to know more about the wrestlers at the Ohio Valley Wrestling and its owners Al Snow and Matt Jones.

Is Wrestlers Season 2 Happening?
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In an interview, Jones stated that the streaming giant is still figuring out whether to greenlight a second season or not. However, he said that it is up in the air. He also revealed that the series has had a positive impact on his wrestling business as they were able to sell all their shows after the release of Wrestlers.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

In a second season of Wrestlers, if it happens, audiences will be shown a wide range of talent from the professional wrestling industry. This includes names like Al Snow, The Miz, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar as well as actor-wrestler Dave Bautista. All these big names will be adding another layer to the show with their huge experience and expertise in the world of pro wrestling.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: Netflix

Fans will get to revisit the Ohio Valley Wrestling Gym where the entire show is based. The gym is located in Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America.


In the past few years, there has been a string of content releases that center around wrestling. These include Fighting with my family, The Iron Claw, and Young Rock as well as Wrestlers. Unlike the aforementioned projects, Wrestlers goes a bit personal with its documentary style telling of real-life incidents centered around Ohio Valley Wrestling.

The audiences get to feel the blood, sweat, and tears that go into a wrestling match as we are provided a backstage glimpse of the world. At the same time, we are also shown how hard it was to continue running and keeping afloat the OVW despite the cash crunch. The success of Wrestlers is a testament that people are interested in the world of wrestling and are willing to give a chance to stories that are rooted and engaging.

Al Snow, who is a popular wrestler, is the face of Wrestlers. We get to see a different side of him in the series that we never got to see before. We see his business acumen, the hardships he faces, and how vulnerable he can get at times and other things. All these things tick the right boxes for perfect entertainment.

Wrestlers is a well-crafted and well-acted series with a heavy dose of reality. Almost the entire show is told in a documentary style which works in its favor. There is never a moment that feels manipulated and not earned. A second season would do justice to the long and overarching story of the wrestlers involved with the popular OVW.

The company still exists and is one of the biggest names in the world of professional wrestling in the United States of America. We can get a further glimpse into this company and its employees in the second season. Apart from that, the relationship dynamics of people like Eric and Haley can also be explored.

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