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Sugar Episode 4 Review: Apple TV+ Series Moves Slowly and Steadily


Apple TV+’s latest series, Sugar, starring Colin Farrell and Amy Ryan is an 8-episode event, which means it has officially reached the mid-point in Sugar Episode 4. This is the point where things need to pick up pace, get interesting, and have as many twists and turns with the ability to tie everything up in the remaining four episodes. To some extent, Sugar Episode 4 checks all the boxes, however, something continues to feel missing, and we’re not just talking about Olivia.

There’s no doubt that this isn’t Farrell or Ryan’s best performance, but if Farrell isn’t on screen, then Sugar feels like a snooze fest and you simply want to skip over. Luckily, Episode 4 had plenty of Farrell and a good focus on the actual plot that was established in the pilot episode. This review will have some spoilers ahead, so tread lightly!

The Plot Thickens in Sugar

For starters, John Sugar finally visits a doctor, which is something he desperately needed to do, considering his condition in the last few episodes. While nothing alarming pops up in regards to his health, he doesn’t appear to be completely fine, dodging several questions put forth by the doctor. However, John’s health is the least of the series’ concerns as they finally shift focus to the main plot introduced in the pilot – finding Olivia Siegel.

In Sugar Episode 4, we catch a glimpse of Olivia’s concerning social media posts, as well as one of her friends, Taylor. John once again finds himself teaming up with Melanie, as the two of them head over to Taylor’s apartment, who seems reluctant at first but eventually opens up about sexual and predatory allegations against Davy Siegel. This lead has helped Sugar a little, but before that, he knew he had to talk to Jonathan Siegel.

The Plot Thickens in Sugar
Credit: Apple TV+

At certain points in the episode, it feels like next to nothing is happening, and once again Sugar loses the plot, which could have been enhanced in Episode 4. Nevertheless, at a movie screening where John was invited by Jonathan, there are plenty of talking points, however, Jonathan’s possible heart attack steals the show.

At this moment, Jonathan’s health is hanging by a thread, and there isn’t too much clarity, but they have to save something for the next episode. John now has enough leads on Olivia to push the case forward and actually find the missing girl, but since there are four more episodes left, that plot line might just be dragged on for a little longer.

Sugar Episode 4 Review
Credit: Apple TV+


Sugar Episode 4 was nothing special but it had more to look forward to as compared to the previous episodes. Make sure your expectations of this series aren’t too high because otherwise, you might be in for some disappointment! Do let us know in the comment section if you have watched Sugar Episode 4 and your thoughts on the same.

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