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Apple TV+’s Palm Royale Episode 9 Preview: Release Date And More

Palm Royale Episode 9 Preview

Slowly and steadily, in the most wild manner possible, Apple TV’s series, Palm Royale starring Kristen Wiig as the lead, has almost come to an end. However, before the season finale, there’s still plenty of chaos, secrets, and bizarreness that lie ahead, without which Palm Royale remains incomplete, and the residents of Palm Beach and the viewers remain entertained.

The most recent episode of Palm Royale, aka Episode 8 has officially landed on the streaming platform and was definitely one of the most unique episodes of the season so far. With all that had happened, everyone is most certainly curious about what’s next for Maxine and all those around her. In this article, we will give you a little preview of Palm Royale Episode 9.

What Happened in Palm Royale Episode 8?

Before we dive into what one can expect from Palm Royale Episode 9, it is almost too important to brush up your knowledge about Episode 8, considering it had a literal whale in it. And no, a whale isn’t really a metaphor, although it might have carried a deeper meaning for Evelyn. Nevertheless, Maxine faces one of the biggest challenges in the series so far, a beached whale that could ruin her beach ball.

What Happened in Palm Royale Episode 8?

Palm Royale Episode 8 is mostly whale-centric, along with a few times where Norma tries to kill Maxine, and eventually by the end of the episode, the whale has gone back into the ocean, and so has Maxine, thanks to Norma’s wheelchair. In addition, Evelyn, who has become one of the more important characters, shared a kiss with a certain somebody, and that will most certainly be carried forward to Palm Royale Episode 9.

What Can You Expect from Palm Royale Episode 9?

Palm Royale Episode 9 is extremely close to the finale episode of the season, which means it will be more chaotic than ever. Albeit, now that the latest episode introduced a whale, it is really hard to top that up when it comes to being bizarre and chaotic. Nevertheless, Palm Royale does not hold back, and this entire season is proof.

In Palm Royale Episode 9, Evelyn and her possible new man, Eddie, are bound to be a focus, but it will be interesting to see whether their relationship blossoms or stays hidden, just like Eddie and Dinah’s did. Apart from Evelyn, we will of course see more of Maxine in Palm Royale Episode 9, and how she made it to the shore after Norma and her wheelchair left Maxine to die in the ocean.

What Can You Expect from Palm Royale Episode 9?
Credit: Apple TV+

There are several elements and characters of Palm Royale that will continue to be explored in the next episode, and it will be interesting to see if Linda makes an appearance, she had taken a vow of silence in the previous episode and was only available from behind a door. And of course, Robert and Maxine’s issues need to be sorted out, and Maxine will stop at nothing to make that happen!

When and Where Can You Watch Palm Royale Episode 9?

Apple TV will continue to release weekly episodes of Palm Royale, which means Palm Royale Episode 9 will be available to stream on May 1, 2024.


Palm Royale has something for everybody as this series is filled with humor and drama, which serves as an interesting combination. Make sure you stay updated with our review of Palm Royale Episode 9 will be released next week!

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