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Palm Royale Episode 8 Review: Apple TV+ Series Gets Whale-d

Palm Royale Episode 8 Review

Apple TV+’s series, Palm Royale starring Kristen Wiig has certainly been one of the more unique series on the platform, and for multiple reasons. While the series had a slow start, and some episodes were hit or a miss, Palm Royale has finally picked up its pace as it nears the end. Maxine, played by Wiig, still has a beach ball to host, and by the looks of it, they might be saving it for the season finale.

As for Palm Royale Episode 8, it was one of a kind, after a beached whale landed in Palm Beach, posing a potential threat to Maxine’s party. So of course, Maxine must do whatever it takes to get the whale out of the way, and that’s the crux of the entire episode, and shockingly, it was also one of the more funnier episodes of the season.

Secrets Begin to Unfold in Palm Royale Episode 8

For starters, we knew Norma was set on killing someone after she held her revolver close and Palm Royale Episode 8 confirmed that it was Maxine. While this shouldn’t come as a shocker to anyone, Norma truly does go out of her way to try and kill Maxine in this episode but continues to fail until the very end of the episode.

Don’t worry though, Maxine is still alive, but simply in the middle of the ocean, after she is thrown into the water because of Norma’s wheelchair.

Palm Royale Episode 8 focussed on a few different characters, just like the last two episodes, which was probably one of the reasons it fell on the successful end of the spectrum.

While several things were happening in this episode, the focus remained on a whale that washed up on the shore, which led to a very worried Maxine, considering the beach ball was coming closer. So, Maxine takes it upon herself to try and get rid of the whale.

Secrets Begin to Unfold in Palm Royale Episode 8
Credit: Apple TV+

The entire whale-related subplot that was introduced in Palm Royale Episode 8 was shockingly humorous because we have seen Maxine panic before, but never this way. In fact, Maxine even took it upon herself to try and learn about whales, despite everything happening around her, including her friendship with Robert, which was hanging by a thread after certain revelations.

Albeit, for all the Robert fans, this might not be your most loved episode as he is heartbroken and gloomy for most of it.

Palm Royale Episode 8 Review

Palm Royale Episode 8 was wild and bizarre, and those are some of the most accurate words that can be used to describe this episode that literally had a whale in it. Palm Royale really isn’t holding back as it gears up for the season finale, which still has to tie several loose ends.


If you have stuck around the Palm Royale Episode 8, then you might as well finish the series as things just keep getting more intriguing. Now, Maxine is left struggling in the ocean, and it will be interesting to see what happens when she makes it back to the shore!