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The Reluctant Traveler Season 2 Review: A Stylish and Emotionally Rich Journey

The Reluctant Traveller Season 2 Review

Eugene Levy takes audiences on a pleasant voyage outside of his comfort zone in “The Reluctant Traveler,” where he explores both other locations and his own comedic prowess. Levy seems hesitant initially, but his charm and wit come through as he moves through strange places with elegance and humour.

The first season of the docuseries on Apple TV+ effectively conveys the core of Levy’s hesitancy while highlighting the splendour and diversity of the places he explores. Now that two episodes are out, let’s see how season 2 is and if you can stream it. 

The Reluctant Traveller Season 2
Credits: Apple TV+

Eugene Levy’s Style In The Reluctant Traveler

“The Reluctant Traveler” brings some welcome changes to its winning formula in its second season while sticking to its successful pattern. Having abandoned its global tour format, the programme is now centred on Eugene Levy’s adventures throughout Europe, from the colourful midsummer celebrations of Sweden to the picturesque scenery of the Iberian Peninsula.

However, Levy’s flawless style, in which he effortlessly embodies refinement and charm in every destination, is what really makes season 2 stand out. Whether enjoying tea at a grand European estate or salmon fishing in the Scottish countryside, Levy’s impeccable style lends an additional charm to his reticent travels.

Eugene Levy’s Style In The Reluctant Traveller
Credits: Apple TV+

In the second season opener of “The Reluctant Traveler,” Eugene Levy immerses himself in Sweden’s Midsummer celebration, only to be beset by forty-seven different types of mosquitoes. In the next episode, Levy travels to Scotland, where he lives in an opulent country estate and visits Glasgow, his mother’s hometown, for the first time.

Levy explores his family history and the sacrifices made before his birth, finding family portraits and modest living situations similar to his mother’s childhood. The show stays true to its signature formula of gorgeous landscape, charmingly nervous Levy, and moving self-discovery moments.  

“The Reluctant Traveler” skillfully illustrates the effects of increasing sea levels and dwindling fish populations in the Aegean Sea while addressing environmental issues. Eugene Levy gains priceless insight into the joys of basic living when immersed in a new culture under the guidance of friendly locals.

These teachings range from the appreciation of fine coffee and beautiful sunsets to the value of friendship and familial ties. The show emphasises the value of appreciating the environment and creating deep bonds among neighbours through these interactions. 

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Exploring Eugene Levy’s Personal Journey in Scotland

In the emotional “The Reluctant Traveler” Season 2 episode “Scotland: My Mother’s Country,” Eugene Levy travels to Glasgow, the city of his mother’s birth. Levy is at first apprehensive, but as he researches his family’s history, he comes to appreciate his Scottish roots. He receives a handcrafted kilt embroidered with his mother’s clan tartan, which is a deeply moving experience. 

Exploring Eugene Levy's Personal Journey in Scotland
Credits: Apple TV+

When Levy looks back on the journey, he recognises the unexpected emotional depth it offered and reveals a link to his roots he had never really investigated. Levy gains a deep sense of knowledge and belonging through this personal investigation of his family history, highlighting the transformational potential of travel that goes beyond simple tourism.


With Eugene Levy, “The Reluctant Traveler” Season 2 takes viewers on an elegant and poignant voyage that explores new places and introspective discoveries. Levy is hesitant at first, but his charm and wit come through and give his exploration a pleasant touch.

The show emphasises the importance of family ties and cultural immersion in addition to showcasing the beauty of various settings through engrossing storytelling and perceptive observations. 

Viewers are exposed to dramatic moments of self-discovery as Levy navigates his own trip in Scotland, highlighting the transforming impact of travel beyond ordinary tourism. For viewers looking for both pleasure and emotional depth, these two episodes are surely a must-watch. We are also sure the other episodes will be good as well. The first two episodes are streaming on Apple TV+

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