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Land of Women Episode 4 Review: Packed with Chaos and Comedy

Land of Women Episode 4 Review

Land of Women, starring Eva Longoria as the lead has headed to its mid-series mark and the plot has started to pick up its pace. The first three episodes focus on Gala, Julia, and Kate’s not-so-smooth transition from their fancy life in a big city to living in a small town.

Things haven’t been easy for the women, but they have had each other through all the important moments, but what happens when the bad men join the mix?

The first episode of Land of Women has established that Gala, along with her mother and daughter, were on the run from bad people, who were after Fred, Gala’s husband. However, it isn’t until Episode 4 that these men, Kevin and Hank actually catch up to them, and thus follows plenty of chaos. Will there be a knight in shining armor or will the women have to save themselves?

More Trouble for the Women

The first half of Land of Women Episode 4 continues to focus on Gala, Julia, and Kate and their life in a small town in Spain. These women are still adjusting to the people, and each has their own agenda. Kate wants to become more like her grandma and have the ability to stand up to people, especially the doctor who wronged her in Episode 3.

More Trouble for the Women
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Meanwhile, Gala continues to spend time with Amat as they attempt to source the wine they need to make a different, better-tasting wine. Of course, the closeness between them also increases, but neither of them has made a move just yet. Lastly, Julia is spending her time trying to figure out who Gala’s father is, and for a moment she is settled on the priest, but that changes later in the episode.

Enter Hank and Kevin. Now, as much as we want the women to be safe and sound, and live their lives in this town, the plot must move forward and that happens when the men finally find Gala.

After this, the rest of the episode is extremely chaotic and could pass for a comedy movie where Gala, Julia, and Kate are trying to escape the bad men, and failing miserably because of mishaps.

Land of Women Episode 4 Review
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Meanwhile, Amat notices Gala’s absence from the winery and later his house, which sets off an alarm in his head, and he goes to find them, while he does so, the women are being held at gunpoint after making matters a lot more difficult for themselves. The only levelheaded person in the mix was Gala, and even she might not be able to save them from this mess.

Land of Women Episode 4
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Land of Women Episode 4 was full of life, much like the rest of the episodes, but it is somewhere at this point that the series needs to focus more on the plot, and hopefully, that’s the route they take moving forward. Do let us know in the comments what you think about the series so far!

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