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Frankly Speaking Episode 11 Review: An Emotional Roller-coaster

Frankly Speaking Episode 11 Review

Frankly Speaking on Netflix has been one of the more fun, comedic, and heartwarming K-dramas that has been released this year. However, as the series gets closer to its inevitable ending, it has taken an emotional turn, but the quality of content has continued to remain consistent throughout, making it an engaging series from the start to Episode 11.

In the previous episode, viewers witnessed an unexpected cliffhanger where Song Ki-baek’s entire family meets with a brutal car accident. It was a given that Frankly Speaking Episode 11 would deal with the aftermath of the accident, but it was a lot more emotional than what we had initially expected it to be. In this review, we will talk about some of the key moments, but tread lightly, because there will be some spoilers ahead.

Song Ki-baek’s Attempt to Stay Strong

Frankly Speaking Episode 11 begins with a flashback where we see Song Ki-baek’s mother lovingly cook food for his son. In addition, we also witness heartwarming mother-son moments between the two, which only makes the next part more emotional. The series has done a brilliant job of tapping into the emotional side of the viewers because it has worked wonders.

We finally see Ki-baek rush into the hospital, and it is confirmed that his brothers and father are harmed but out of danger as they wait outside the ICU. Ki-baek’s mother was on the receiving end of the worst part of the car accident and had lost a lot of blood. The doctor informs Ki-baek that because of the circumstances, there are chances that she might not regain consciousness.

Song Ki-baek's Attempt to Stay Strong
Credit: Netflix

In this moment, Ki-baek tries his best to keep his composure, especially after seeing the rest of his family completely distraught. He decides he needs to be the man of the family, which also means keeping his emotions aside and taking care of matters. On Woo-ju also tries her best to comfort Ki-baek, but also he does is convince her that he’s absolutely fine and rather busy with work.

Overall, Frankly Speaking Episode 11 was one of the best episodes so far in terms of truly digging into Ki-baek’s life and personality, and when he ultimately breaks down in front of his brothers and father, the quality of the series is elevated. Of course, there were several other ongoing subplots in the episode, but Ki-baek was the soul.

Frankly Speaking Episode 11
Credit: Netflix

Once again, the episode ends on a cliffhanger, and it won’t be until the next episode that we find out whether or not Ki-baek’s mother is alive. His father received several missed calls from the hospital, and we are just as nervous as the viewers to learn the fate of Ki-baek’s mother.


If Frankly Speaking Episode 11 made you emotional, we would love to know in the comments what you thought about it. Make sure you also brace yourself as this K-drama heads towards the series finale!

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