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Frankly Speaking Episode 12 Preview: Release Date and More

Frankly Speaking Episode 12 Preview

It is almost time for the series finale of Frankly Speaking, Netflix’s latest K-drama that revolves around the lives of Song Ki-baek and On Woo-ju. So far, this series has been an emotional rollercoaster filled with laughter, drama, impeccable comedic timing, and also some tears. As the K-drama comes to an end, things have taken an emotional turn, and we’re here to tell you more about it.

Frankly Speaking Episode 11 ended on yet another cliffhanger, which can only lead to two options – life or death. Of course, in this case, we are talking about Ki-baek’s mother, who met with a brutal car accident in Episode 10. Undoubtedly, there will be plenty to unravel in Episode 12, aka the series finale. So, keep reading this article to catch a glimpse of the ending!

What Happened in Frankly Speaking Episode 11?

As far as Frankly Speaking Episode 11, emotions and tensions were running high as Song Ki-baek’s mother was unconscious in the hospital and the doctors were unsure if she would ever regain consciousness. This was an incredibly heartbreaking moment for Ki-baek, who has also been closer to his mother, unlike his relationship with other members of the family.

What Happened in Frankly Speaking Episode 11?
Credit: Netflix

Ki-baek puts on a brave face for most of the episode, but ultimately breaks down towards the end, right before his father notices multiple missed calls from the hospital. The episode ends on this cliffhanger and all questions will be answered in the series finale, aka Episode 12.

In addition, Frankly Speaking Episode 11 also saw development in other subplots as On Woo-ju gets closer in terms of her biological mother, which also added to the emotional element of the episode. As the series starts tying up the loose ends, all eyes are on the finale!

What Can You Expect from Frankly Speaking Episode 12?

The series finale of Frankly Speaking will truly be one of a kind, much like the rest of the K-drama, but the first question it will answer is whether or not Song Ki-baek’s mother is alive, and that will also set the tone for the rest of the episode.

What Can You Expect from Frankly Speaking Episode 12?
Credit: Netflix

Nevertheless, since Frankly Speaking Episode 12 is the last episode of the series, fans will also get to witness some more moments between On Woo-ju and Ki-baek, whose budding romance was the center of attention in the series. It will be interesting to witness whether or not their relationship makes it to the next level.

When and Where Can You Watch Frankly Speaking Episode 12?

Frankly Speaking Episode 12 will be available to stream on Netflix on June 6 at 8.50 pm KST.


Frankly Speaking series finale has been a much-anticipated moment since all the cliffhangers popped in towards the end. Do let us know if you’re looking forward to witnessing the end of Song Ki-baek and On Woo-ju’s stories!

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