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Frankly Speaking Episode 9 Preview: Release Date And More

Frankly Speaking Season 2

Frankly Speaking has emerged as a successful series in the K-drama realm. The series has a lot of humor and drama and a character with a strange condition as its protagonist. It started out in early May and has quickly become a hit among viewers in South Korea and abroad.

The upcoming episode is Frankly Speaking Episode 9 and if you have questions about what will be shown in it, no need to worry. We have covered its preview along with many other details that are in demand. So read on.

What Is Frankly Speaking All About?

Frankly Speaking is helmed by Jang Ji-yeon and written by Choi Kyung-sun. It is about Song Ki-baek (played by Go Kyung-pyo) who works at an FM Radio station but has a condition. He speaks without even thinking which gets him into trouble all the time.

He befriends On Woo-ju (played by Kang Han-na) who writes for shows on television. Together, they participate in a love reality show for TV. Frankly Speaking premiered on May 1st, 2024, and has received a strong response from viewers.

What Happened In Frankly Speaking Episode 8?

Frankly Speaking Episode 8 was released on May 23rd, 2024, and shows that On Woo-ju has been asked to maintain a distance from the team and not visit the office of the company because of her participation in the show. Eventually, she becomes a writer on a show being made on a small budget. Song Ki-baek decides to host it when the original one doesn’t show up.

What Happened In Frankly Speaking Episode 8?
Credits: KDramaStars

After its major success, both of them go out but Woo-ju suggests that they should not meet publicly because it might affect the dating show they are on. We also see Kim Jung-Heon (played by Joo Jong-Hyuk) thinking about Woo-joo.

A photoshoot session of all the contestants from the show takes place. Jung-Heon meets the mother of Woo-Joo at her salon to tell her about his past with Woo-Joo. We also realize that Jung-Heon did not tell the truth to his own mother about Woo-Joo.

Later, she reaches the place and the two have a chat about the redundant feeling of guilt he has. Meanwhile, Ki-Baek goes to her house to ask her for a date but the episode ends on a drastic note. Jung-Heon and Woo-Joo are hugging each other in front of Ki-Baek which shocks him.

What To Expect From Frankly Speaking Episode 9?

Frankly Speaking Episode 9 will showcase multiple developments in the plot. The makers have released a trailer that features Woo-Joo being happy since the show is getting good ratings. The show has also made Ki-Baek a popular star in a short time and Jung-Heon is feeling jealous about it.

Woo-Joo was also on Couple’s Paradise and Frankly Speaking Episode 9 will also show how it might affect her career as a writer in the industry. Meanwhile, Jung-Heon is also contemplating retirement since he feels humiliated because of the dating show. The video ends with an emotional chat between Woo-Joo and Ki-Baek.

Frankly Speaking Episode 9 will also pick from the prior episode, which is the hug Woo-Joo and Jung-Heon shared. It is expected that she might be asked about him Ki-Baek if they plan to take things forward in their relationship.

We will also see Jung-Heon creating more problems for the duo since he harbors feelings for her. The mother of Woo-ju is also aware of him and she might do something about this situation. Given the hug he witnessed, we can speculate that Ki-Baek might profess his life for Woo-Joo.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Frankly Speaking Episode 9 will release on May 29th, 2024 on JTBC in South Korea and on Netflix for people from other countries. Its duration should be around 70 to 80 minutes. This season will have twelve episodes with the finale releasing on June 6.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credit: Netflix


Frankly Speaking is a character-driven drama with some really well-written and lovable characters. The series has the heart and the writing, and the direction in the right place. Frankly Speaking Episode 9 will showcase the fate of its two lead actors as there is a love triangle going on which is interesting to witness.

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