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Girls5eva Season 4: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Girls5eva season 4

Girls5eva is a television series created by Meredith Scardino who also serves as one of its executive producers. The musical comedy follows the story of four ladies who lead a girl group called Girls5eva. The first season dropped in 2021 and its success led to the second season being released in 2022. In 2024, the third season premiered on Netflix.

Girls5eva Season 4
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Ever since it concluded, fans have been wondering if they will get to see Girls5eva Season 4 or if the story ends with the third season. We will be exploring its answer in this article.

What Is Girls5eva All About?

Girls5eva centers around a girl group named Girls5eve headed by Dawn (played by Sara Bareilles), Summer (Busy Philipps), Gloria (Paula Pell), and Wickie (Renée Elise Goldsberry). It was started by them in the 1990s and was successful.

However, the success soon fizzled and they went back to their normal lives. Later, as they are also unhappy with their lives, the girls decide to reunite and make a comeback.

What Is Girls5eva All About?
Credits: Netflix

The first season of Girls5eva premiered on May 6th, 2021 on Peacock. It was well received and the makers returned with a follow-up season that aired between May 5, 2022, to June 9, 2022. Both seasons had eight episodes that had a runtime of around 25 to 33 minutes. The series shifted to Netflix for its third season after Peacock decided to discontinue their association. It was released on March 14, 2024, and had six episodes.

Comedy legend Tina Fey, along with Scardino, Robert Carlock, Jeff Richmond, David Miner and Eric Gurian serve as its executive producers.

What Happened At The End of Girls5eva Season 3?

In Season 3 of Girls5eva going on their tour that takes place in Forth Worth. Despite no resources, the group continues with their tour and even creates their own documentary on the tour. Wickie puts all her money into booking a music hall for the team. However, most of their city tours are canceled after they argue with a senator. Dawn is pregnant during the shows and ends up giving birth to a child.

Later on, Wickie asks Nance about the package deal. However, the final episode ends with a massive cliffhanger as we are not told about the answer and where it leads.

Is Girls5eva Season 4 Happening?

The makers have not confirmed whether Girls5eva Season 4 has been greenlit or not. Luckily, the show’s creator Meredith Scardino has talked about a potential fourth season and said that the team is up for it.

Is Girls5eva Season 4 Happening?
Credits: Cosmopolitan

She stated her interest in continuing the story if people have loved the third season. Since the third season has met with positive responses from critics and audiences, there are chances that Netflix will renew it for a fourth season.

What Can We Expect From Girls5eva Season 4?

The final episode of The Girls5eva Season 3 shows the group finding out about the reselling bots on the ticketing platform Ticketmaster. The girls then find out about an old single done by Wickie Yesternights which had appeared in the finale of The Crown. The episode ends before revealing if the group took the massive gig or not. Even if they say no, it is evident that the Girls5eva group is on its way to achieving massive success.

When it comes to the release date, the makers have not said anything about it. However, if that happens, we can expect Girls5eva Season 4 to be released sometime around 2025. This speculation can be made by looking at the release pattern of the series.

Who Will Be In The Cast of Girls5eva Season 4?

Girls5eva Season 4 will have the main actors of the entire series. The four girls from the group will return: Sara Bareilles (Dawn), Busy Philipps (Summer), Paula Pell (Gloria), and Renée Elise Goldsberry (Wickie). Apart from them, we can also see Daniel Breaker (Scott), Jonathan Hadary (Larry Plumb), Ashley Park (Ashley), and Dean Winters (Nick) in the next season.


Girls5eva is an inspiring story of a bunch of women pursuing their passion despite hardships. They are a testament that there is no age to follow what one wants to do in life. All three seasons have been loved by the audiences for their humor and emotional content. We can now expect the team to return with a fourth season.

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