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Netflix’s Frankly Speaking Episode 3 Preview: Release Date and More

Frankly Speaking Episode 3 Preview

Song Ki-baek and On Woo-ju’s tales and hijinks have only just begun as Netflix has released the first two episodes of the latest comedy K-drama, Frankly Speaking. This series revolves around two characters who are quite different from each other, but have crossed paths far too often after Ki-baek gets electrocuted towards the end of Frankly Speaking Episode 1, and the only one who witnesses this accident is Woo-ju.

Now, Ki-baek must deal with the aftermath of being electrocuted, which has resulted in him being unable to hold back his words. Anything he thinks, he speaks.

There’s no filter anymore. Every week, Netflix will release two episodes of this K-drama, and if you’re all caught up with the first two episodes, keep reading this article to get a glimpse of Frankly Speaking Episode 3 ahead of its release.

What Happened in Frankly Speaking Episode 2?

Before we dive into Frankly Speaking Episode 3, let’s take a look at the second episode of the series, which was extremely chaotic, especially for Song Ki-baek. In the previous episode, Ki-baek continued to speak his mind and it only got him into trouble, after which he decided to go spend the night at his family’s home.

Ki-baek’s family is completely different from what one would have expected as they are four family members, in a small house, barely able to make ends meet.

Clearly, Ki-baek doesn’t share a close relationship with any of them, which is why he eventually ends up leaving the house, instead of spending the night. There was plenty of shared screentime between Ki-baek and On Woo-ju in Frankly Speaking Episode 2, but the highlight of the episode was when Ki-baek had to host an award ceremony and of course, it turned out to be a disaster.

Frankly Speaking Episode 2 ended with both Ki-baek and Woo-ju at the top of a cliff when Woo-ju assumes that Ki-baek is trying to end his life. What’s next for these titular characters?

What Can You Expect From Frankly Speaking Episode 3?

Frankly Speaking Episode 3 will deal with the aftermath of On Woo-ju and Song Ki-baek at the top of a cliff, and more particularly the fact Woo-ju dived in straight after Ki-baek in the hopes of saving him, although he wasn’t there to end his life like Woo-ju had assumed. The upcoming episode with definitely see the two protagonists spend more time together, which is something the viewers might be looking forward to.

What Can You Expect From Frankly Speaking Episode 3?
Credit: Netflix

In addition, Ki-baek will continue to navigate his ailment which has turned him into the most honest man in the country, and with his life turned upside down, he will have to look for new opportunities to make ends meet, and Woo-ju might just be the solution.

When and Where Can You Watch Frankly Speaking Episode 3?

Every week, Netflix will be releasing two episodes of this Netflix series, much like the other K-dramas. Frankly Speaking Episode 3 will be available to stream on May 8, 2024.

When and Where Can You Watch Frankly Speaking Episode 3?
Credit: Netflix


So far, there’s plenty of comedy when it comes to Frankly Speaking and it will be interesting to see how the plot continues to unfold in the coming episodes, Make sure you keep a lookout for our review of Frankly Speaking Episode 3!