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Goodbye Earth Season 2: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far

Goodbye Earth Season 2

In the face of an impending asteroid strike, the people of Woongcheon, formerly a haven of security and joy, face their last days with conflicted feelings. “Goodbye Earth,” which is based on the novel by Kōtarō Isaka, explores the moving stories of the city’s residents as they face approaching destruction.

The viewers of the show have loved the first season and they are wondering if they are getting another season any time soon. So, let’s find out.

How Did The Previous Season Of Goodbye Earth End?

By accepting the inevitable nature of the asteroid crash and rejecting any last-minute reprieves, “Goodbye Earth” defies clichés. The last episode of the series brings the story to a close, and the protagonist’s emotional journey over the last twenty days takes the front stage. Every person struggles with their approaching death, which inspires reflection and deliberate action.

Before the end, Woo Seong-jae and Kang In-ah make decisions that change their lives. They decide to pursue personal fulfilment instead of continuing with their careers in the clergy and the military, respectively.

In the face of uncertainty, Jin Se-kyung and Yoon Sang-eun find comfort and friendship in each other’s company. But the approaching danger outside sabotages their preparations.

How Did The Previous Season Of Goodbye Earth End?
Credits: Netflix

Se-Kyung assumes the position of protector at a crucial juncture, confronting criminals endangering the security of her students. With Yoon-sang’s rifle in hand, she faces danger head-on, displaying bravery and resiliency in the face of extreme hardship. Yoon-sang, in the meantime, uses his expertise to make bombs, demonstrating the various ways people deal with looming disasters.

The series concludes with a moving montage, capturing heartfelt farewells and moments of connection amidst the chaos. Even though there is minimal chance of survival in the sad finale of “Goodbye Earth”, the characters’ fortitude and ability to love are evident.

These people’s experiences teach us to embrace life’s brief moments even in the face of imminent disaster, and they serve as a powerful reminder to treasure the things that matter in life and find strength in adversity.

Are We Getting Another Season?

As of right now, neither Netflix nor the show’s creators have officially confirmed the existence of a potential second season of “Goodbye Earth.” The chances of a second season seem far away, given that the 200-day window for the asteroid’s impact has passed and the characters have found resolution in their travels.

Are We Getting Another Season?
Credits: Netflix

Although the series concludes with an open-ended finale, future storyline possibilities are still dependent on the show’s popularity and streaming figures. The decision of “Goodbye Earth” season two’s continuation depends on viewer interest and the producers of the show.

What Could The Second Season Be About?

Though “Goodbye Earth” Season 2’s future is still up in the air, possible storylines might focus on what happens after the looming apocalypse. Regarding whether or not the asteroid struck Earth and how it affected the city, Season 2 may provide further information. It might explore how the characters who survive handle the fallout and start over in the middle of the destruction.

What Could The Second Season Be About?
Credits: Netflix

Jin Se-kyung’s continuous battle against child trafficking may carry on, demonstrating her tenacity and will to shield children who are at risk. Furthermore, Season 2 might delve deeper into Kang In-ah’s unfinished business from Season 1, thereby advancing her character development.

Further investigation into the dynamics of Jin Se-Kyung and Kang In-ah’s relationship could help bring their story arc to a satisfying conclusion. All things considered, Season 2 can build on the themes of human connection, survival, and resiliency introduced in Season 1, giving viewers a more profound comprehension of the characters’ struggles in the face of a looming disaster.


As fans eagerly await news of “Goodbye Earth” Season 2, the future of the series remains uncertain. While the show’s finale provided closure to many character arcs, the possibility of further storytelling hinges on audience reception and streaming metrics.

Should a second season come to fruition, viewers can anticipate a deeper exploration of post-apocalyptic themes and character developments, offering a more nuanced understanding of resilience and human connection in the face of impending doom.

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