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Frankly Speaking Episode 2 Review: Complications Double Down for Song Ki-Baek in Netflix’s K-Drama

Frankly Speaking Episode 2

The second episode of Netflix’s latest K-Drama, Frankly Speaking, has officially landed on the streaming platform, and if you thought the first episode was funny, then you’re in for a wild ride in this particular episode. So far, Frankly Speaking Episode 1 established that Song Ki-Baek was riddled with an unusual illness of sorts after being electrocuted, where all his thoughts were spoken out loud, putting him in trouble with those around him.

Frankly Speaking Episode 2 only doubles down on that, and with that, brings several hilarious moments, and of course, Ki-Baek gets plenty of the screentime with On Woo-Joo, who is around him every now and then, without a warning. Keep reading our review to get a better understanding of what you need to keep a lookout for when it comes to Frankly Speaking Episode 2!

Song Ki-Baek Hosts a Disastrous Award Ceremony!

Frankly Speaking Episode 2 is one of a kind and gives the viewers plenty to laugh about, especially when it comes to Song Ki-Baek and his new ability that puts him in trouble. It has been established that Ki-Baek’s moment from the previous episode has gone viral and by this point, anyone and everyone knows about it. There are a few moments in particular that stood out in Frankly Speaking Episode 2, and one that comes to mind right away is Ki-Baek’s family.

Song Ki-Baek Hosts a Disastrous Award Ceremony!
Credit: Netflix

If you assumed that much like Ki-Baek, his parents and siblings are well off, living in a lavish apartment, that most certainly isn’t the case. Instead, he comes from a family of five, where the other four live together and struggle to make ends meet.

Ki-Baek often lends them to help with their finances, and in Frankly Speaking Episode 2 we see Ki-Baek heading over to their house with his mouth tape after he spends the whole day blurting out his thoughts everywhere that he shouldn’t.

Ki-Baek most definitely has a complicated relationship with his family, and that’s only a part of Frankly Speaking Episode 2. In several other scenes, Ki-Baek shares the screen with the other protagonist, On Woo-Joo. She might be the only one who is considerate of everything happening with Ki-Baek, especially since she was around when he was electrocuted in the first episode.

Frankly Speaking Episode 2 Review
Credit: Netflix

Frankly Speaking Episode 2 is chaotic, yet the narrative continues at a smooth pace, in addition to Ki-Baek’s family, the viewers are also introduced to Woo-Joo’s ex, so there are plenty of new characters in this episode.

The highlight of the episode is when Ki-Baek has to host an award ceremony and it is every bit as disastrous as one can imagine. Woo-Joo sees him struggling, but can’t do much to help him in this case. Nevertheless, for anyone who is already shipping Ki-Baek and Woo-Joo, Frankly Speaking Episode 2 will be one to look out for.

Credit: Netflix

Frankly Speaking Episode 2 ends with Ki-Baek on a fishing trip with his friend, and he ends up alone at the top of a rock, when Woo-Joo spots him, and is convinced that Ki-Baek is trying to end his life. With plenty of humor and some worry, the two end up falling into the water, which brings us to the end of the episode.


Frankly Speaking Episode 2 was entertaining and packed with some brilliantly written scenes, which only leaves us more excited for the next episode. So, make sure you keep a lookout because we will be back again to review Frankly Speaking Episode 3!