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So Help Me Todd Season 3: Is It Cancelled? Everything We Know So Far

So Help Me Todd Season 3

So Help Me Todd is a show that mixes comedy with legal drama and it has a mother and his son on the forefront. It started on September 29, 2022, on CBS and became a major success. This was followed by So Help Me Todd Season 2 which has been airing since February 2024.

Lately, viewers are curious to know about So Help Me Todd Season 3 since there is a buzz around whether it’s been commissioned or canceled. In this article, we will answer these questions.

So Help Me Todd Season 3
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What Happened At The End of So Help Me Todd Season 2?

So Help Me Todd is about Todd (played by Skylar Austin) who is bailed out for criminal charges by his mom Margaret Wright (played by Marcia Gay Harden) who is a defense attorney. He now works for her law firm which is located in Portland.

What Happened At The End of So Help Me Todd Season 2?
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Scott Prendergast is the creator of the show; he is also the showrunner with Elizabeth J.B. Klaviter. They are also the executive producers of the show with Stuart Gillard, Julia Eisenman, Michael Spiller, Jay McGraw and Phillip C. McGraw.

So Help Me Todd Season 2 has not come to an end yet. Its 10th and final episode will air on May 16th. Episode 8 has aired so far and it was called P.I.’s Wide Shut. Earl Davis wrote the episode while Ruba Nadda was the director. This episode focuses on the case of a girl named Nicole Smith who has accused her coach of giving her drugs that enhanced her performance.

This led to her elimination from the competition and has impacted her career. As the episode moves, we find out that Nicole’s drug use has been going on for a year. Meanwhile, the coach is questioned by the attorneys but he continues to state his innocence. Some more revelations also take place.

Will There Be Another Season?

In April 2024, CBS announced that they had canceled the show after its second season hence, So Help Me Todd Season 3 will not happen. Despite getting a good response for its mix of mystery with humor, the show was canceled mainly because the channel wants space for new shows.

This news is really sad for the fans of the show who were expecting the return of Margaret and Todd. CSI: Vegas has also been axed by the channel to make way for some shows. The good rating of the second season was not enough for it to be saved.

What To Expect From It?

Since So Help Me Todd Season 3 is not happening, we can only speculate and come up with a situation of what it will offer if it happens. The third season will have Todd getting into hot water mainly because of his nature. His mother Margaret will continue to save him from different situations even in the third season.

Margaret, being a strong character, will again be a pivotal anchor of the entire show. Her relationships and her efforts to balance everything will be further explored in So Help Me Todd Season 3.

What To Expect From It?
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The third season will star Marcia Gay Harden (portraying Margaret) while the role of Todd will be played by Skylar Astin. Many other important actors from the show will also return like Madeline Wise (Allison), Tristen J. Winger (Lyle), Inga Schlingmann (Susan), and Rosa Evangelina Arredondo (Francey). There was a lot of potential in So Help Me Todd Season 3 but it’s quite sad that it’s not going to happen.

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So Help Me Todd showcased a beautiful portrayal of all kinds of characters, sharp, cunning, and even goofy. It had a mother-son duo driving the story which is a rarity on television. The first show clicked with viewers and it led CBS to come up with another season. The second one was even funnier and had much more going on. But So Help Me Todd Season 3 has been canceled so this puts an end to the storyline of Margaret and Todd.

So Help Me Todd Season 3 could have had many plots and introductions to new characters that would continue to engage the viewers. But sadly all that is not happening.