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Sugar Episode 6 Review: Shocking Scene Might Turn the Tide of Apple TV+ Series

Sugar Episode 6 Review

Apple TV+ series, Sugar, starring Colin Farrell and Amy Ryan has now reached the second half of the season, which means things are getting a lot more tense and the stakes are higher than ever. In the previous episode, Davy Siegel attempted to kill himself, which served as a predictable plot twist in the series, but looks like that’s not the route Sugar is taking for Episode 6. Instead, Sugar Episode 6 ended on a highly shocking and unpredictable note.

Apart from trying to find Olivia Siegel, which was the main premise of the series, Sugar has introduced several subplots and characters along the way, however, the series has been fairly easy to follow, despite losing the plot ever so often. Now, by the looks of it, Sugar has introduced possibly the most unique subplot one could have imagined, and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Is John Sugar an Alien?

If you have watched Sugar Episode 6, then that subhead might make sense to you, however, if you haven’t watched it just yet, then you might be taking another look at the article, to make sure we are talking about the Apple TV+ series, set in Los Angeles, following the life of a badass yet tormented private detective. But yes, Sugar Episode 6 was mostly filled with action and blood, but the ending threw us off with a major curveball.

Sugar Episode 6 started by giving the viewers an update about Davy, who attempted suicide in the previous episode. While Davy is alive, his brain is completely damaged, and according to the doctor, he will never speak, walk, or be able to do anything for the remainder of his life.

Is John Sugar an Alien?
Credit: Apple TV+

The Siegel chapter hasn’t ended yet, but there’s definitely bigger fish to fry when it comes to this series, for example, John Sugar’s face-off with Stallings in hopes of finding Olivia. Spoiler Alert: Olivia hasn’t been found.

John Sugar gets beaten up and stabbed in Sugar Episode 6 but obviously, the protagonist survives, although for a moment we were convinced that he might not. There was something particularly unique about watching John Sugar drive through the lush streets of LA while he was profusely bleeding.

But of course, he had Melanie to save him, who also managed to call John’s emergency contact in situations like these. Ultimately, John has healed, and he makes his way to Ruby.

Sugar Episode 6
Credit: Apple TV+

The conversation between Ruby and John isn’t too pleasant, and Ruby not being a team player, especially on John’s side was an obvious twist, however, what comes next is far from obvious. John steals an injection and liquid from Ruby’s place and heads home, where he injects himself, and then…turns into an alien or an alien-like creature.

Now, given John’s mental state, this could be a hallucination, but it really didn’t seem like one. Overall, the episode was bloody and filled with action, but this last scene truly changed the course of the series. One can only hope it works in the favor of Sugar because this Apple TV+ series could use a positive elevation of some kind.


Sugar, as a series, desperately needed a wow factor at this point but John Sugar possibly being an alien was the last thing we expected. Do let us know in the comments what your thought on that particular scene was!