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Apple TV+’s Sugar Episode 5 Review: A Different Side of John Sugar

Sugar Episode 5 Review

Apple TV+’s latest series, Sugar, follows the life of private detective John Sugar who is currently trying to solve the case of Olivia Siegel, the granddaughter of a Hollywood producer, Jonathan Siegel.

In the previous episode of Sugar, Jonathan had a major heart attack, and Sugar Episode 5 doesn’t update the viewers on his health, other than the fact that he is still alive. Looks like the character is resting while the series focuses on some of the other characters.

Of course, John Sugar remains the focus of his series, and this time around, we see a different side to him, more of which will be explored in this episodic review. As a series, Sugar continues to be ordinary and even the plot twists don’t seem exciting enough to make it interesting enough. However, there is some lingering suspense that will make you want to at least finish the series, and that’s more than enough!

Does Davy Siegel Die in Sugar Episode 5?

In the previous episode, scandalous and life-altering revelations were made about Davy Siegel, and of course, the consequences of them were carried forward in Sugar Episode 5. In the latest episode, Davy gets a fair amount of screen time, and Nate Corddry does a brilliant job portraying the character, and steals the show, even in the presence of Colin Farrell, whose performance felt a little lackluster in this particular episode, despite the effort.

Does Davy Siegel Die in Sugar Episode 5?
Credit: Apple TV+

As for Davy, much like Episode 4, this episode also ends in a cliffhanger where one doesn’t know if a member of the Siegel family is dead or alive.

After the entire episode focuses on Davy and his wrongdoings with a small hint at what might have happened to Olivia, the episode ends with Davy attempting to take his own life. The next episode will reveal whether or not Davy is alive, but as for Sugar Episode 5, it served as a plot twist, but not a shocking one at the same time, considering the guilty build-up.

Apple TV+'s Sugar Episode 5 Review
Credit: Apple TV+

Sugar Episode 5 almost had too many elements to it, but one that truly stood out was John Sugar beating a man up, almost to death, after he tries to hurt Melanie.

In most episodes of the series, John is showcased as a level-headed man, trying to fight his own demons, but Sugar Episode 5 changes course and a much angrier side of John is revealed, shocking the viewers and Melanie, too. Somehow, this was more shocking than Davy’s attempt to kill himself.


Meanwhile, if you’re wondering if John is closer to finding Olivia, which was ideally the premise of the entire series, we cannot answer the question, and frankly, neither can John. This lingering suspense will make you want to stick around the finale of the series, so make sure you keep up with our review next week as well!

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