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Testament The Story Of Moses On Netflix: Release Date And Everything We Know

Testament The Story Of Moses

Testament: The Story of Moses is an upcoming documentary-drama series. The Netflix series will have three episodes and it’s centered around the life of Moses, who was the prophet of Judaism. The announcement of the show has created ripples of excitement among people who are interested in the life of Moses.

Testament The Story Of Moses
Credits: Netflix

If you are also wondering about the show’s release date, cast, and other important details, this article is for you. Here, we will be taking a deep dive into the Netflix series so keep reading.

What Is Testament: The Story Of Moses All About?

Testament: The Story Of Moses is based on the life of Moses who was an influential figure in the history of the Judaism religion. As a prophet and a teacher, Moses headed the group of Israelites. He is the attributor of the Mosaic Laws that were given to him by the gods. Apart from that, he is also the prophetic author of the Torah which is one of the five books of the holy Bible.

What Is Testament: The Story Of Moses All About?
Credits: Flicks

The miniseries will take a closer look at Moses starting from his initial days when he was labeled as a murderer and was also outcasted from his community. Slowly, he became a prophet for the Hebrews and ended up becoming one of the most important figures in the religion. Avi Azulay is portraying the titular character in the series. It will also chronicle his journey which starts from the Nile river near its banks and concludes at Mount Sinai to finally the Red Sea.

The series has been directed by Benjamin Ross alongside Kelly McPherson, Emre Sahin, Sarah Wetherbee, Brian Nelson, and Fikret Manoglu. Sam Anzel is serving in the capacity of an executive producer on the show.

Do We Have A Release Date?

Yes, we luckily have a release date for Testament: The Story Of Moses. All the episodes of the series are set to premiere on Netflix on March 27th, 2024. All the episodes will be available in multiple languages so that people from different countries can also witness and enjoy this important story.

Who Is The Cast of Testament: The Story Of Moses?

Avi Azulay is playing the titular role of Moses in the series. Apart from him, names like Charles Dance as well as Clarke Peters will also appear in the series. Dance is famous for his portrayal of Tywin Lannister in HBO’s successful television series ‘Game of Thrones’. Peter also has been a part of ‘The Wire’ where he played a detective.

Who Is The Cast of Testament: The Story Of Moses?
Credits: Netflix

Do We Have A Trailer?

On March 5, 2024, the official trailer of the exciting series Testament: The Story Of Moses dropped on the internet and was well received. The trailer has a duration of two minutes and five seconds and it consists of some of the most exciting moments and dialogues from the series.

It opens with a man with folded hands on a water body, saying: ‘I had a dream. A shadow of a man. Surrounded by darkness.’ As these words are heard, we see glimpses of the Egyptian empire along with quick shots of a man walking towards the camera. A lady is then heard saying, ‘My son has returned. It’s Moses.’ Subsequently, the face of Moses is revealed.

He is introduced to everyone as someone whom God has commanded to lead everyone out of bondage. As the trailer moves forward, we see Moses struggling to help the Hebrews and his people against the oppressive empire.

There are also interviews of experts on the subject who talk about Moses. One of them says, ‘So much of the Judeo-Christian religion rides on Moses. He’s a founding father.’ While another expert says, ‘He’s special. He’s gods chosen prophet.’

Later on, we see the Egyptian kings tightening their grip on the civilians and harassing them. Moses then transforms into a leader and leads his people to save them.

One person, during the interview, says: ‘Everything about his life speaks to us to this day.’ Another one talks about the importance of freedom and states, ‘What it takes to get free is different from what it takes to stay free.’ The trailer further showcases several iconic shots mentioned in the Bible like the swarm of insects and the parting of water. It is well-edited and filled with exciting shots from the overall series.


Moses is one of the most influential prophets in several religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Rastafari, Baháʼí Faith, Druze Faith, and Samaritanism. Hence, it’s a tall task to put and tell his story on the screen.

So it is commendable that the makers decided to tackle this subject since most people avoid it because religion is a very tricky and sensitive topic. Years ago, the world witnessed the iconic story of Moses through The Ten Commandments movie. The film was a major success and is considered a milestone of cinema.

However, a lot of years have passed since then and the world needs more inspirational stories of the like of Moses. So 2024 seems like the right time to release this film. Moses life is filled with ups and downs and he remains a big figure in history.

Looking at the trailer, it seems that people who don’t know much about him will also be able to relate and connect with his journey through Testament: The Story of Moses. Apart from being a religious figure, he was also a person who had high moral values. His life story works as a source of inspiration for many and will continue to increase.

The miniseries will be able to resonate well with religious groups as well as people who aren’t into such stories. The trailer is a testament that the series has been made well and handed with care and a lot of thought. Every frame looks beautiful and exciting. Fans cannot wait for the day the series will drop on Netflix.

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