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The Big Cigar Episode 4 Preview, Release Date And More

The Big Cigar Episode 5 Preview

The Big Cigar is another miniseries offering from Apple TV+ that has intrigued the audiences. The series deals with biographical drama and thriller elements in the genre and it is based on actual events. Because of all this, the series has turned out to be a surprise success in 2024.

The Big Cigar Episode 4 Preview
Credit: Apple TV+

The Big Cigar Episode 4 will be the upcoming episode that will take the story of Huey P. Newton forward. Because of the lesser-known story and it had political undertones, viewers are always curious to find out about the upcoming episodes of this show.

What Is The Big Cigar All About?

The Big Cigar is the work of Jim Hecht who has adapted it from an eponymous article that was written by Joshuah Bearman for Playboy magazine in 2012. The story takes place in 1974 and revolves around Huey P. Newton (played by André Holland) who was the co-founder of the Black Panther Party.

He has been running away from the authorities and makes a plan to escape to Cuba with Bert Schneider (played by Alessandro Nivola) who is a film producer. They make a fake movie and use it to move to Cuba.

The executive producers of the show are Hecht, Janine Sherman Barrois, Don Cheadle, Gwendolyn M. Parker, and Valerie Woods among others. The Big Cigar premiered on May 17th, 2024 on Apple TV+.

What Happened In The Big Cigar Episode 3?

The Big Cigar Episode 3 is called Guns & Matzah and it was released on May 24th, 2024. Gwendolyn M. Parker and Laurence Andries have written the teleplay of this episode. Huey P. Newton had worked on a plan to leave Cuba with Stephen Blauner and Bert Schneider.

What Happened In The Big Cigar Episode 3?
Credits: Apple TV+

However, the plan failed after the pilot chickened out. The episode starts with Newton leaving the airstrip to move back to the city. There is a possibility that Tajo, the pilot, might tell the FBI about his details.

We also see many people who were involved with the Party facing legal consequences because of it. We are also told about the clinic that Huey’s friend had started for free health but an explosion took place on its inauguration day.

Meanwhile, the FBI is circling around him and going to places he visited. Sydney Clark (played by Marc Menchaca) is installed by the FBI to keep an eye on Huey and try to find evidence. Later, Huey also finds a device to secretly listen to people. Planted by the FBI, he immediately destroys it.

What To Expect From The Big Cigar Episode 4?

The Big Cigar Episode 4 is called What Are Friends For? and it is written by Jim Hecht and Janine Sherman Barrois. The earlier episode ended with a shootout at a restaurant where Tajo and Stephen Blauner were present. We hear gunshots but since Stephen was not shot in real life, we can speculate that he is safe.

However, chances are that Tajo might be killed because of the gunshots. We earlier saw how the rift between Bobby Seale (played by Jordane Christie) and Huey is widening. The Big Cigar Episode 4 will showcase the duo finally parting ways with each other despite starting the Black Panther Party together a few years ago.

Meanwhile, the plot will also focus on Sydney Clark who has been trying to find Huey and his location. His attempt to bug Huey’s house has failed so he will opt for a different technique. Huey will also try again to leave for Cuba under the name of shooting a film. It would be interesting to see how he does that.

Do We Have A Release Date?

The Big Cigar Episode 4 will be released on Friday, May 31st, 2024 on Apple TV+. Its runtime can be estimated to be around 50 minutes. This season will have six episodes with the finale slated to drop on June 14th, 2024.

Do We Have A Release Date?
Credits: Apple TV+


The Big Cigar tells an interesting tale of how an important Black political figure in America tried to escape to Cuba using the garb of movie-making. This is too weird to be true but it is and it warranted a series adaptation. The Big Cigar Episode 4 will unveil more about the story.

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