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The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Has Dusty Ruined the Morpho Machine?

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 9

So far, The Big Door Prize Season 2 has been more about the people of Deerfield and less about the Morpho machine, which has offered an interesting change for the series. However, as the season slowly nears its end, things might be a little different, and we’re all here for it. Most recently, Apple TV+ released the penultimate episode of the season, aka Episode 9, and there’s a lot to unpack.

No matter how many themes and subplots one might have witnessed in The Big Door Prize Season 2, it all ultimately boils down to the Morpho machine, which has been a key element since the very first episode of the series. In this review, we will talk about some of the important moments in Episode 9, which have helped drive the plot forward and set up a potentially incredible season finale!

What’s Next for the People of Deerfield?

In both seasons of The Big Door Prize, we have seen that most people who live in the town have used the Morpho machine and been positively thrilled about it. The first season was all about one’s potential, while the second season saw visions. These visions also helped different people in different ways, but Dusty isn’t too thrilled about it.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 9 begins with Cass and Dusty waking up in bed together after a very long time, which also signifies the end of their self-ploration. However, if that wasn’t enough, Giorgio and Nat also made sure that the couple was celebrated. But a quick conversation between the two couples made it evident that there was still plenty of awkwardness, and Dusty and Cass simply didn’t seem compatible anymore.

What's Next for the People of Deerfield?
Credit: Apple TV+

Dusty also has to do the inevitable and tell Alice that he can’t see her anymore, and this scene unravels a plot twist we did not expect. Alice unveils that Dusty was a part of her vision, but doesn’t tell him in what capacity. But between her confession about Dusty and the awkwardness with Cass, Dusty is in a dilemma like never before.

Admittedly, plenty is going on in The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 9, where we see progress in different characters and their story arcs, and this series certainly leaves no man behind. The focus however remained on Dusty and Cass. The episode ends on an unexpected note when Dusty decides he needs to see his vision in the Morpho machine, but he doesn’t have a card.

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Episode 9
Credit: Apple TV+

Angry and frustrated, Dusty manages to break the Morpho machine which then responds by asking him, and Mr. Johnson, to see the guide. Is there a guide? We will only find that out in the final episode of The Big Door Prize Season 2!


The plot has thickened like never before and The Big Door Prize Season 2 has set itself up for an exciting season finale. So, make sure you keep a lookout for our review of the last episode because you won’t want to miss out on it!

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