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The Sympathizer Episode 7 Recap: What Happened In This Awaited Finale?

The Sympathizer

In “The Sympathizer,” we know from the very beginning that The Captain would eventually return to Vietnam, only to be interrogated by those he had been spying for. Episode 6 detailed his involvement in the General’s ill-fated mission to reclaim the country from the Communists. Episode 7, reveals the aftermath. Let’s see what happened further in the finale of “The Sympathizer”.

The Captain’s Harrowing Journey in The Sympathizer

In “The Sympathizer,” the main character, a prisoner in a Vietnamese reeducation camp, struggles with the harsh realities of his situation. He feels obliged to tell his story again and over again, and he starts to wonder why he does spying, lies, and acts of violence.

The protagonist has a candid discussion with CIA agent Claude at the Hell Hole bar before leaving on their suicidal mission. Claude reveals his intention to bug the journalist’s residence, destroying the Captain’s trust.

The Captain refuses to swallow the potion that would have freed him from the upcoming assignment, instead choosing to face the repercussions head-on.

The Captain's Harrowing Journey in The Sympathizer
Credits: HBO Max

After their friends are massacred, the Captain and Bon are made to live under the pretence of being “educatees” in the camp, but the shackles around their ankles reveal that they are actually captives. The protagonist’s story is altered by the Commandant as part of his manipulation, exposing the nuances of the regime’s control and propaganda. The Captain refuses to sacrifice his integrity in the face of unimaginable difficulty, not giving in to the constant scrutiny.

Above the Commandant, the true authority in the camp is the Commissar, who wears a white mask with a single eyehole, a consequence of being disfigured by napalm on the Day of Liberation. When the Captain eventually tells the Commissar his story after a year in solitary confinement, he finds out that the Commissar is actually Man, an old acquaintance. The Captain expresses his disappointment, pointing out that their home is not at all what he had anticipated.

Hidden Truths

Later in “The Sympathizer”, The Captain is confined to an electric chair and endures continuous torture. Even though the Captain’s eyes are taped open during the torturous process, which appears cruel and pointless, Man maintains that his acts are still humane. As the torture continues, the Captain recalls a repressed memory of his father, a French priest who assaulted his mother in Vietnam.

This insight clarifies why the same actor portrays every white authority figure in the Captain’s life, representing his confusing combination of needing acceptance and harbouring deep-seated hatred.

The Captain’s mental fight with these people is made evident through characters such as Claude, the professor, the friendly politician, and the director, underscoring his complex and contradictory feelings.

Hidden Truths
Credits: HBO Max

Later in “The Sympathizer”, Man shows the Captain a clip from the Vietnam War movie in which a crazy Method actor tries to attack the General’s daughter, mirroring the Captain’s mother’s horrific experience. There is another truth about the Captain revealed in this scene.

The Captain withheld important information regarding an interrogation in which he saw the South Vietnamese secret police sexually abuse a woman with a Coca-Cola bottle in the first episode. He says at first that he tried to step in, but in reality, he did nothing.

He is shocked to learn that the woman is also a part of the reeducation camp. During her interrogation, she confesses that she never betrayed him because she wanted to think the secret she was keeping was important.

How Did The Episode End?

Man takes off his mask and issues a last challenge to the Captain. Pointing to a sign that says nothing is more valuable than freedom and independence, he gives the Captain three chances to figure out the implied problem. The Captain made two wrong assumptions: belief and family.

The correct answer is “nothing.” Throughout “The Sympathizer,” the Captain maintains his honesty and radical identity. Yet, Man’s lesson to the Captain is that belief founded on lies is hollow, something the Captain must painfully accept.

How Did The Episode End?
Credits: HBO Max

With Man’s assistance, the Captain and Bon manage to escape. Bon remains unaware of his friend’s true allegiance and assures him of their unwavering friendship, regardless of any coerced confessions. Under the cover of night, they board a boat full of families seeking refuge.

Later in “The Sympathizer”, we then see that Bon comforts a baby with a song by Trinh Công Son, an iconic anti-war songwriter (what a wholesome scene). As they sail into the darkness, the Captain reflects on his daily ritual of writing, now for his own solace. Each day for him is a process of rewriting, reliving, and restarting, a painful reminder of the impact of war.

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“The Sympathizer” concludes with a reflection on the enduring impact of war and the complexities of loyalty and identity. As the Captain and Bon escape Vietnam, the Captain finds solace in writing, a daily ritual of rewriting and reliving his past.

This act symbolizes his ongoing struggle to find meaning and redemption. The finale shows us the themes of betrayal, resilience, and the harsh truths of revolution. We’re sure the finale will leave a lasting impression on the fans.

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