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The Upshaws Season 6: Is It Happening? Everything We Know So Far?

The Upshaws Season 6

The Upshaws is a sitcom that has steadily become very popular on Netflix. A creation of Wanda Sykes and Regina Y. Hicks, the series focuses on an African-American family in Indiana and their everyday issues. It started on May 2021 on Netflix and the fifth season concluded on April, 18th this year.

The Upshaws Season 6
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Since then, there has been a buzz around The Upshaws Season 6 and viewers want to know when and if it is happening. We will answer questions regarding this much-awaited season of a loved sitcom.

How Did The Previous Season of The Upshaws End?

The Upshaws Season 5 aired on April 18th, 2024. Towards the end, we see Tasha and Noah finally parting ways with some blame being put on Bennie who had said that she is marrying Noah for the financial gains only. Tasha ends up confronting Bennie for the same but it leads to nothing.

The final episode also showcased Frank and Lucretia going to Atlanta after giving up the plans for their grand wedding. The season ended on a sweet note with a lot of possibilities for the couple and about their wedding. Y. Hicks, Sykes and Page Hurwitz, Niles Kirchner, and Mike Epps among others have been the executive producers of the show.

Is The Upshaws Season 6 Happening?

The Upshaws Season 6 was greenlit by Netflix in December 2023 owing to its success. The series will continue from where the earlier part ended. It might lead to another part in the future since the storyline is moving forward all the time.

Is The Upshaws Season 6 Happening?
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What To Expect From It?

The Upshaws Season 6 will showcase the aftermath of Lucretia and Frank moving to Atlanta. We will see what will happen next and how she will stay with her beloved family members after this incident. There is still confusion regarding their wedding which has not happened. Maybe in The Upshaws Season 6, the duo will get married.

Meanwhile, another interesting angle is Tasha shifting into the house of the Upshaw family. This was decided by Kelvin and it will affect how Regina and Bennie function in their lives. This season will also have more guests which will lead to some funny situations for the family members.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

The Upshaws Season 6 will have the same star cast as the prior season. Mike Epps will continue to portray Bennie while Kim Fields will be Regina. Their relationship as well as the entire family is the main point of the whole show.

So it’s hard to think of the future season without them. We can also expect the return of Wanda Sykes as Lucretia. The earlier season ended with her leaving, but we can expect the storyline to move in a way that she shows up.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
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Other cast members who might return are Diamond Lyons (as Kelvin Upshaw), Khali Spraggins (Aaliyah Upshaw), Journey Christine (Maya Upshaw), Jermelle Simon (Bennie Upshaw Jr.), Gabrielle Dennis (Tasha Lewis) and Lamont Thompson (Frank). We can also expect some new faces in The Upshaws Season 6 in minor roles as the storyline will have new things to offer.

There is no clarity over a date of release from Netflix, but we can assume that the sixth season will drop sometime in 2025. This is because all the parts have been released consistently since 2021. Unless something drastic happens, we can assume that the show will follow its release format in the next seasons.


The Upshaws has been a successful sitcom for Netflix despite not being very well known. While its ratings have been mixed, the show has continued to enjoy strong viewership on the streaming platform. This has led the makers to commission The Upshaws Season 6 which will continue to engage viewers with its funny content.

The series plays like a sitcom but also has enough drama for people to enjoy it like a regular show. Viewers are eagerly waiting for the next season to drop on Netflix so that they can see their beloved family and the misadventures of their lives. The Upshaws Season 6 will have a lot of things in its storyline to offer to the viewers.

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