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Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Is Janine Leaving Abbot?

Abbott Elementary

Season 3 Episode 9 of “Abbott Elementary” features Janine accepting a full-time employment offer from the district as her fellowship comes to an end. Gregory is worried about a kid who misses class a lot. Meanwhile, turmoil surrounding AI ensnares Barbara, Jacob, Mr. Johnson, and Melissa. Let’s see what all happened in the episode further.

Janine’s Career Shift in Abbott Elementary

Janine’s path takes a dramatic turn in this episode of “Abbott Elementary” when she gets a call from the headmaster praising her efforts on the librarian programme. In the meantime, Janine is happily pleased when the superintendent pays her an unannounced visit and she is relieved not to be fired. Rather, after her fellowship finishes, he offers her a full-time job with the district and commends her capacity to perform well under pressure.

Afterwards, Janine goes back to Abbott to inform her coworkers of her choice. Jacob conveys his profound regret amidst conflicting responses, emphasising the strong relationships that have been forged within the school community.

Barbara expresses her satisfaction with Janine’s accomplishment, Melissa injects humour with a joke about name recognition, and Ava starts jokingly looking for possible successors.

Janine's Career Shift in Abbott Elementary
Credits: ABC

As the episode draws to a close, we see some fascinating events regarding Janine and Gregory. Even though Janine has started the paperwork for her new district job, her request for a day off suggests that she might be reconsidering her decision to leave Abbott Elementary.

Gregory is distracted from his efforts to raise money for the Garden Goofballs project when a substitute teacher asks about the procedure for dealing with a pupil who consistently misses school without explanation. Gregory is shocked to discover that the student in issue is none other than Alex, a previous student.

Gregory’s Concern About AI and More

Furthermore in “Abbott Elementary“, Gregory becomes even more concerned when he learns that Alex’s continued absences could have negative effects on his case and involve the family court. Driven by a sense of duty, Gregory questions the office staff about the district’s meagre efforts, emphasising the difficulties teachers encounter in supporting at-risk pupils while working within formalities.

He highlights their cooperative approach to student support as he reaches out to Janine for help. While telling her coworkers that she has accepted the district job, Janine also says she will go with Gregory to Alex’s house after school.

Gregory's Concern About AI and More
Credits: ABC

Later in “Abbott Elementary”, when Barbara and Melissa use AI to respond to his emails, as shown by Jacob’s AI screener, he gets disappointed as he had already warned his students about AI. When Jacob confronts them, feeling deceived, they apologise and vow to talk to him honestly from now on.

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How Does The Episode End?

Ava at Abbott is so happy about Janine leaving that she starts conducting unusual interviews with possible successors. Even though there’s some pushback at first, Ava presents Mercedes as Janine’s replacement.

Later in “Abbott Elementary”, Gregory and Janine learn that Alex’s lack of enthusiasm for going to school is a result of his sadness over Miss Teagues, his previous instructor when they pay Alex a visit. Gregory is impacted by this information, as he is already uneasy about Janine’s choice to quit Abbott.

How Does The Episode End?
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At the height of the conflict, Melissa, Barbara, and Jacob all apologise to one another and makeup with Mr Johnson. In the face of uncertainty and change, the staff’s unity is put to the test.

Over the phone, Gregory and Janine have a touching exchange that emphasises their strong relationship and shared dedication to their students. However, Janine’s reluctance to sign off on her district papers suggests that she still has unresolved issues over leaving Abbott.


As Janine takes a new job offer from the district, “Abbott Elementary” Season 3 Episode 9 explores issues of loyalty and transition, evoking conflicting feelings among her coworkers. Gregory’s worry about a missing student gives the story a sense of urgency and emphasises the difficulties teachers have when helping students who are considered to be at risk.

Staff relationships get even more complicated due to the controversy surrounding AI, which finally leads to an apology and forgiveness. Janine’s hesitancy, which suggests that she may have lingering concerns over leaving Abbott Elementary, highlights the emotional complexity of the episode. We saw yet another exciting episode and we look forward to what is going to happen next in “Abbott Elementary”.