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Apple TV+’s Palm Royale Episode 4 Review: Complications, after Complications for Maxine

Palm Royale Episode 4

After a 3-episode premiere, Palm Royale Episode 4 has officially landed on Apple TV+ and things have gotten a lot more complicated this time around. If you haven’t watched the first three episodes of this series set in the late 60s, then now might be the perfect time to do so, as it will allow a perfect flow of the series, and all the characters that encompass it, despite the focus on Maxine.

In Palm Royale Episode 4, Maxine realizes that she must do anything and everything to keep things moving after she realizes that she might not get any share of Norma’s estate, and despite all odds, Maxine attemps to get the job done. In this review, we will talk about the highs and lows of Palm Royale Episode 4, because there were more than many.

Maxine Powers Through All Odds

In Palm Royale Episode 4, after Maxine realizes that she isn’t entitled to Norma’s estate and won’t get much off it, her ways will have to change, no matter how complex they get. The episode opens with a flashback in 1949, where we catch a glimpse of Norma, however, this flashback isn’t as long as one would have hoped, as it soon cuts back to the present after a gun shot is heard.

Hopefully, the following episodes of Palm Royale will have more such flashbacks, with more clarity as well.

As Palm Royale Episode 4 cuts back to the present, the focus shifts to a panicked Maxine who is carrying more secrets than she can take, which is visible in this episode, as she keeps digging herself a hole, while also trying to climb all of it. It is safe to say that this particular episode of Palm Royale was a little too complicated for our liking and sadly, it wasn’t all that funny.

Maxine isn’t the most likable character because of her ways, and that unlikeableness only increases in Episode 4.

Maxine Powers Through All Odds
Credit: Apple TV+

However, the one thing that Palm Royale definitely has on its side is the fact that it is set in a different time, which allows more creative liberty when it comes to the setting, costume, music, mannerisms, and more, which have come through as a saving grace for this series.

After several twists and turns in Palm Royale Episode 4, and trips to the court, Maxine’s convoluted plans come to fruition when the judge hands her the conservatorship for Norma, which does come with Maxine also becoming Norma’s caretaker. It isn’t exactly what Maxine wanted, but at this point, she will truly take anything she can get her hands on.

While Kristen Wiig’s performance in Palm Royale Episode 4 continues to remain brilliant, Ricky Martin‘s Robert might have stolen the show this time around, and for all good reasons. There are still too many loose ends when it comes to Apple TV+’s Palm Royale, and it will be interesting to witness if these can all be tied up in the coming episode, or else, not a lot of it would make sense ultimately.

Credit: Apple TV+


Palm Royale Episode 4 was a little weak compared to the first few episodes, and it would take a lot for the series to get back on track, but we’re hopeful nonetheless. Stay tuned for more reviews of Palm Royale next week!

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