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Shirley: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And More


Shirley is an upcoming American film in the biographical genre. The film is written and helmed by John Ridley and has been able to generate a lot of buzz thanks to the person it is based on who was an influential figure. People across the globe and cinephiles are waiting for more details about the much-awaited Hollywood film.

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Shirley boasts an interesting plot and is accompanied by a stellar star cast. If you are also wondering about the film’s release date. cast members and other details, this article has got you covered. So keep reading.

What Is Shirley All About?

Shirley is based on the real-life of American politician Shirley Chisholm. It particularly focuses on the year 1972 when she ran for President. She remains an important figure in the history of the United States of America.

Chisholm was also the first black woman to be elected to the US Congress. She represented the 12th congressional district situated in New York. She served as its rep on seven occasions between the years 1969 and 1983.

What Is Shirley All About?
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Her Presidential run made her the first black person nominated for a major party in the country. Apart from that, she was also the first woman who ran for the presidential position from the Democratic Party. The film will chronicle her interesting life as she fought for civil rights.

Who Will Be In The Cast?

Regina King is playing the titular character of Shirley Chisholm in the film. Regina has an impressive track record in films and shows and it seems that she has gotten under the skin of her character, embodying the mannerisms and everything of the iconic lady. King is also one of the producers of the film. Late actor Lance Reddick has played the role of Wesley McDonald Holder aka Mac.

Other actors including Terrence Howard (Arthur Hardwick Jr.), Lucas Hedges (Robert Gottlieb), and Brian Stokes Mitchell (Stanley Townsend) are also in the film.

Who Will Be In The Cast?
Credits: The Economic Times

Some real-life figures and politicians are also in Shirley. This includes Democratic politician Barbara Lee (played by Christina Jackson), pastor Walter Fauntroy (played by André Holland), former politician Ron Dellums (Dorian Missick), actress Diahann Carroll (Amirah Vann), former Alabama governor George Wallace (played by W. Earl Brown) and political activist Huey P. Newton (Brad James).

Do We Have A Release Date?

Shirley is going to a theatrical release across different states in the USA on March 15, 2024. This will be followed by its premiere on Netflix on March 22, 2024. The limited theatrical run will help the film get a wider reach among all kinds of fans.

Do We Have A Release Date?
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It will also provide an opportunity for fans to witness it on the big screen before it drops on the streaming platform.

Do We Have A Trailer?

The makers of Shirley dropped its official trailer on February 19th, 2024. The two-minute and 17-second-long trailer hooks the viewers with its visuals, quick cuts, and interesting scenes. It opens with Shirley telling Robert Gottlieb that she is going to run for the President of the United States.

An interesting scene takes place in the trailer when a kid tells her, “You are running for president? you ain’t no man.” In response, Shirley says: “maybe we should find your mother.” Throughout her journey, she receives a lot of prejudices and backlash from people who aren’t used to of a woman being in that position.

King gets the accent of Shirley spot on right as well as her body language. There is also a mention of the Black Panther Party that existed around her time. We also hear her say that she is not special but she wants to make a difference.


Shirley is an important film for many reasons. One of them is the fact that it is based on the inspiring and influential life of Shirley Chisholm. She dared to run for President at a time, and to an extent to this day, politics was dominated by men.

While we all know and it’s well documented what the fate of her election campaign and its result was. But her presidential run was beyond wins and defeats as it was more of a symbol that women could do anything. They are capable of everything and are even better than their male counterparts.

In today’s day and age, not many people know about her life and how her life impacted millions of people. Her election campaign laid the groundwork for women to run for president in the later years. It’s commendable that makers including King who has also backed the film, are telling such stories that are needed to be told. The country has witnessed many people who have worked rigorously for the fundamental rights of everyone including the black community.

Shirley Chisholm was one of them and her work paved the way for black women in this country to go out and do whatever they want to do in life. Regina lives and breathes the titular character as evident in the trailer and is the perfect fit to play the role which seems tailor-made for her. Another reason to not miss this film is the involvement of John Ridley as the writer and director.

In the past, he wrote Steve McQueen’s 12 Years of Slave which earned him the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. He has also penned films like Three Kings, Ben-Hur as well as many television shows.

Suffice it to say that there are many interesting and talented names attached to the film both in front and behind the camera. All these reasons make Shirley a must-watch for everyone. It would be particularly interesting for people who are interested in the history of American politics and the black community. We can hope that apart from the information available in the public domain, the film also provides a glimpse of some lesser-known things about its titular character.

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