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So Help Me Todd Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: The Jacqueline Case

So Help Me Todd

The show “So Help Me Todd” centres on a talented but aimless private investigator who grudgingly accepts a job at his dominating mother’s legal practice. Todd uses his investigative abilities to work his way through the difficulties of legal work.

The series promises a mix of drama and humour as Todd applies his distinct style to solving crimes. Fans have been loving the second season so far so let’s catch up on what is happening on “So Help Me Todd”.

The Diva’s Dilemma In So Help Me Todd

In the latest episode of “So Help Me Todd,” Margaret and Todd take on the case of Jacqueline, a well-known opera soprano who is charged with unintentionally killing a coworker with a fake knife. In a cameo role as Jacqueline, Jenifer Lewis excels. Family conflicts emerge between Todd, his troublesome sister Allison, and Margaret’s son Lyle as the inquiry progresses.

Following Jacqueline’s dramatic press statement, Margaret, Todd, and Lyle bring her to Margaret’s condo to escape the media circus. Known for her flamboyance, Jacqueline regrets being cut off from her followers. In addition, she confronts Lyle about giving up on music, exposing hidden conflicts within the family.

The Diva's Dilemma In So Help Me Todd
Credits: CBS

Margaret assigns Todd the responsibility of looking to find the prop knife used in the murder at the theatre. When Todd runs into Jacqueline’s secretary Magda Jennings, she gives him clothes for Jacqueline and tells him that Tim Chalice’s flowers were among the items the police took. Magda raises the possibility that Jacqueline despises Aubrey because of his brilliance.

The Plot Deepens

Later in “So Help Me Todd”, Allison enters the law firm amid mounting drama and delivers the unexpected news that Aubrey’s death was not from the knife wound but rather from a rare South American toxin. Jacqueline’s recent performance in Brazil makes her the main suspect. After an arrest warrant is obtained, Margaret, Todd, and Lyle go with Jacqueline to the courtroom so she can enter a plea.

In a stunning change of events, Jacqueline rejects Margaret’s counsel and passionately proclaims her innocence, insisting that she was always supposed to be the victim. Margaret asks to be fired, referencing Jacqueline’s allegations of being singled out.

The Plot Deepens
Credits: CBS

Todd notices Tim Chalice outside the court, which raises questions. To avoid the media, they move Jacqueline to Todd’s flat. Margaret is informed by Todd of his doubts about Chalice’s involvement.

Lyle infiltrates Chalice’s candlelight vigil, only to discover Chalice was absent from Jacqueline’s Brazilian performance, debunking Todd’s theory. Todd and Allison are at odds over living arrangements, and Jacqueline’s dramatic outbursts are adding to the tension in Todd’s flat. Margaret emphasises the various points of view to bring about peace.

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Magda’s Betrayal: Hidden Agendas Unveiled

Further in “So Help Me Todd”, Todd calls a meeting of the law firm staff the next day to hear a recording of Jacqueline’s
performance. Everyone describes what they saw. Looking offstage to the right at the finish, Lyle sees his mother subtly passing a letter. He discovers that Magda has been giving Jacqueline hints all along.

Jacqueline discloses that she has been acquainted with Magda since their conservatory days. Despite not having “star quality,” Magda was a gifted musician who ended up working as Jacqueline’s secretary to be in the spotlight.

Magda's Betrayal: Hidden Agendas Unveiled
Credits: CBS

Margaret arranges Magda’s testimony on purpose throughout the trial. Margaret skillfully exposes Magda’s motivation by asking the right questions, revealing that her goal was to get rid of Jacqueline so that Aubrey might succeed.

When Magda admits, the accusations against Jacqueline are dropped. Returned to Todd’s flat, Allison acknowledges that she feels like a failure and is afraid of moving out and beginning over. Todd comforts her, saying he understands and is there for her.


“So Help Me Todd” Season 2 Episode 5 delivers a thrilling blend of drama and intrigue as the case surrounding Jacqueline’s alleged crime unfolds. The episode navigates complex family dynamics, intertwined motives, and surprising revelations that keep viewers engaged. Margaret’s strategic legal manoeuvres and Todd’s investigative prowess shine amidst personal conflicts and the pursuit of justice.

With the resolution of Jacqueline’s case and Allison’s struggle, the episode underscores themes of redemption and support within the characters’ interconnected lives. As tensions simmer and secrets surface, “So Help Me Todd” continues to captivate audiences with its unique blend of crime-solving and familial dynamics.

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