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Twisters: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And More


Twisters is an upcoming Hollywood film in the popular disaster genre. The film serves as a standalone sequel to Twister which was released in the year 1996 and will be released in 2024. Fans of the first film are filled with excitement ever since the sequel was announced.

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Since then, people have wanted to know the details of Twisters related to things like who is on the team, the cast members, and most importantly, when will they get to see it on screen. If you have these questions, this article will answer them all.

What Is Twisters All About?

Twisters is helmed by Lee Isaac Chung while Mark L. Smith wrote the script. It follows the story of Kate Cooper (played by Daisy Edgar-Jones) who faces a powerful tornado in Oklahoma.

Her close friend Javi (played by Anthony Ramos) then asks her to come to the open plains for safety. It is revealed that they are working on the latest tracking system that might prove to be groundbreaking.

What Is Twisters All About?

Later on, she meets Tyler Owens (Glen Powell) who is a successful social-media personality. He likes to capture and share live tornado moments with his fans. When the tornado finally arrives, Kare, along with Tyler and her team fight for survival as they go against the dangerous calamity. They also try to test their newly made weather tracker amid the frequent appearances of the tornado.

What Is The Cast Of Twisters?

Daisy Edgar-Jones plays the main role of Kate Cooper in Twisters. She previously worked on shows like War of the Worlds, Normal People, and Cold Feet. Tyler Owens portrays social media influencer Glen Powell while Anthony Ramos portrays the role of Kate’s friend Javi.

What Is The Cast Of Twisters?
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Besides these names, the film also has an interesting ensemble of actors like Maura Tierney, Brandon Perea, Daryl McCormack, Sasha Lane, Kiernan Shipka, Nik Dodani, Harry Hadden-Paton, David Corenswet, Tunde Adebimpe and Katy O’Brian.

Twisters Release Date

The film is slated to be released theatrically on July 19, 2024. While Universal Pictures will handle the domestic release in the US, Warner Bros. Pictures. is releasing it in the international market.

Do We Have A Trailer?

The makers of Twisters released the official trailer of the film on February 12th, 2024. It has a runtime of around two minutes and it consists of several breathtaking moments from the film. It starts on a stormy day when Kate is driving her truck and some cargo is attached to it.

A guy on a walkie-talkie warms them by saying, ‘Guys, whatever’s in there is big, and it’s moving fast. Drive’ We realize that there are more people inside the truck, Tyler and Javi. Suddenly, something hits the truck and the screen abruptly cuts to black.

The group then moves out of the truck and runs for their survival amid a tornado storm. We then meet Tyler who calls himself the ‘tornado wrangler’ as he loves chasing storms. This is followed by a series of shots from the film that showcase the tornadoes and the destruction they cause.

At one point, the characters witness two tornadoes at once. The trailer concludes with more montage shots and one person asking, ‘Was that it?’ To which Tyler answers, ‘Nope.’ The video concludes with two people being snatched away by the storm.


Twister remains one of the most loved films from the 1990s. Directed by Jan De Bont, the film starred Bill Paxton, Helen Hunt, and Jami Gertz. Upon release, it turned out to be a major critical and commercial success. It also ended up getting an Oscar nomination for Best Sound and Best Visual Effects category.

Twisters follow the story of a bunch of storm chasers who get a high by risking their lives just to examine and get closer to the tornados. Just like the previous film, the characters in the sequel are also technically sound and know more about these storms than usual folks.

We can expect the same thrills in Twisters as the previous. Since there has been a lot of advancement in visual effects, we got a glimpse of some really authentic-looking CGI storms in the trailers. Fans can rest assured that there will be plenty of those in the film. The disaster genre has seen a variety of films over the years with different storylines. While most of them deal with things that are over the top and made up, Twisters is a bit different than the rest.

The United States of America witnesses more tornadoes than any other country on this planet. This is mainly due to the prairie land that elevates the revolving bags of air. This makes tornadoes a frequent occurrence for the people of the US. Hence, a film on this subject is closer to them than a person from any other country. That is where a film like Twisters comes into play as they tap into that feeling of dread and the requirement of basements.

We can expect a heavy dose of goosebumps-inducing sequences involving the storms as well as people chasing them. Apart from that, maybe a touch of human stories can be also shown. Since such storms only leave a trail of destruction, a glimpse into the aftermath through a more realistic lens can appear in the film.

But it’s a full-on commercial film so we should stick to high-octane sequences only. No one has forgotten the cow flying in the air scene from Twister. Fans of that film will expect that kind of money shots in the sequel as well. Irrespective of content, the trailer guarantees that the film is going to be a roller coaster ride and a piece of engaging storytelling.

Now, fans are only waiting for the release date so that they can get to witness the story unfold on the big screen. Films in the disaster genre expect you to suspend that idea of disbelief a bit more.

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